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Sika Advanced Resins, formerly SikaAxson, provides a full line of innovative epoxies, resins, urethanes, tooling boards, tooling pastes and silicones within the composite industry. With access to more than 20 Global Technology Centers across the world, Sika Advanced Resins has the ability to provide R&D, in-house testing and servicing to meet specific application needs for any customer. In particular, our ability to provide flame retardant epoxy systems (lamination and infusion) along with flame retardant fillers and fairing compounds is what sets us apart from the competition. Here at Sika Advanced Resins we strive to be the all in one provider for composite solutions within the industry.



Generally Sika Advanced Resins provides a full line of innovative epoxies, resins, urethanes, tooling boards tooling pastes and silicones within the composite industry.  For Model Makers we specifically manufacture:

- Design and Styling boards from 5lb density to 22lb density which can be hand worked or CNC machined
- MP-1055 Model Plank and ProLab 65 Model Board from 41lb to 42lb density respectively, which are CNC machined
- Model and Mold Making Pastes used by the extrusion process
- Epoxy Surface and Laminating Systems, Room and High Temperature

- Polyurethane Systems including Fast Cast, Tooling and Hand Hold Casting Urethanes
- Epoxy Casting Systems
- Polyester Filling and Fairing Compounds


Corporate profile:
Sika Corporation is a supplier of specialty chemical products serving construction and industrial markets including transportation, marine, and automotive.  Sika Corporation is a subsidiary of Sika AG, Baar, Switzerland. Globally the Sika Group generated annual sales of US $6.25 billion (CHF 6.13 billion) in 2017, and has approximately 18,400 employees. With subsidiaries in 100 countries, Sika manufactures in over 200 factories around the world.  

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