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Visit While the Paint Dries... whenever you're watching paint dry, waiting for a mold to set up, or listening to the hum of a machine that is doing your bidding. Here you will glean the latest information from your APMM community, learn a trick or two, or find out what our Vendors are doing.
Because resourcefulness is a true model maker's trait!

Compensation Survey 2018 - Results now available!
Last year, we undertook a survey of our members to learn about their job skills, training, and how they were compensated. The last time the APMM did a survey, the geographic differences were the greatest variable so we split this one up by US geographic region and some global areas too. The responses were not shocking or remarkable but the results are still eye-opening and may be able to assist our members as they prepare for hiring, promotions, and budget planning for their organizations. See the 2018 Survey Results Members have access to this data right now, and it will be made available to the public at a later date.

On your mark... get set... WAIT!
APMM logo t-shirts, hoodies and sweatshirts will soon be back! We're getting ready to launch another campaign because, well, if you're a true model maker then the shirt you bought a few months ago probably has a permanent stain or a hole in it by now. (Do we know you, or what?)

Our campaign only runs from January 30 to February 18! Go to: and get several because 1) it helps the APMM earn a little cash, 2) it gets our logo out in the world, and 3) you're gonna need at least one more unstained/hole-free shirt! When you get 'em - snap a picture and send it to us to include in our APMM t-shirt gallery!

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