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Visit While the Paint Dries... whenever you're watching paint dry, waiting for a mold to set up, or listening to the hum of a machine that is doing your bidding. Here you will glean the latest information from your APMM community, learn a trick or two, or find out what our Vendors are doing. Because resourcefulness is a true model maker's trait!


APMM Zoom Meet-Ups

We're hosting informal and interactive Zoom Meet-Ups for our members to get together in virtual space - make sure your membership is current and active, then join us! (Members in good standing will receive an email message inviting them to the session, including Zoom meeting details and links. Some sessions are open to all.) Meet-up sessions will take place on the 1st Wednesday of the month at 10 AM PT/11 AM MT/12 PM CT/1 PM ET/6 PM BT and the 3rd Wednesday of the month at 1 PM PT/2 PM MT/3 PM CT/4 PM ET/9 PM BT.

Planned upcoming meet-ups:

  • Wed. April 21 @ 4 PM ET - A unique, antique collection of fine tools w/ Miles Hale (member session)
  • Tue. May 4 @ 1 PM ET - Sci-fi encounters of the model making kind [yes, it's Tuesday... we couldn't pass up "May the 4th Be With You"] (open to all)
  • Wed. May 19 @ 4 PM ET - Meditation: Achieving model maker Zen w/Terry Wellman and Pete Mack (member session)
  • Wed. June 2 @ 1 PM ET - Winners of the 2020 Virtual Model Making Competition: Where are they now? w/Will Strange (open to all) As we launch this year’s Art Hedlund Student Model Making Competition, join us to celebrate the work of students from the last year. What did we learn about running the competition online for the first time? How are students learning their craft in schools today?
  • Wed. June 16 @ 4 PM ET - Student Work reviews from Arts University Bournemouth UK w/Will Strange (open to all) A look at the work of students of the Arts University Bournemouth’s Model Making program. Senior Lecturer Will Strange will give a tour of their studios, and the work that students have made this year.
  • Wed. July 21 @ 4 PM ET - Diversity and inclusion in the model shop w/Aaron Williams (member session)
  • TBA - Tour of a university shop
  • TBA - Reliable sources for Unobtanium
  • TBA - Model Makers - the Swiss Army Knife people of the zombie apocalypse

We're model makers. We're your community.

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