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Visit While the Paint Dries... whenever you're watching paint dry, waiting for a mold to set up, or listening to the hum of a machine that is doing your bidding. Here you will glean the latest information from your APMM community, learn a trick or two, or find out what our Vendors are doing. Because resourcefulness is a true model maker's trait! 

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Model Maker Meet-Up
B9Creations - "Ask Me Anything!"

"We recognize that crisp detail and readability make up the backbone of a successful model making business - accuracy of microscale parts is crucial. The unrivaled resolution of the B9 Core Series has helped model makers around the globe launch and scale successful businesses using 3D printing - empowering them to hoist their success to unimaginable heights."


B9Creations, an APMM Vendor Member offering professional 3D printing solutions, will be sponsoring a Virtual Meet-up on Thursday, August 13 at 3 PM PT/4 PM MT/6 PM ET/11 PM BST. We'll start with a 15 minute video featuring a behind-the-scenes tour of their facility, followed by an open mic Q&A session where they will field questions and join the discussion.

Bring your questions about 3D printing and learn how B9 brings unmatched resolution, speeds 4x faster than the industry average and a seamless user experience - at a price that fits your model making business.


Model Maker Meet-Up
Thursday, August 13 at  3PM PT | 4 PM MT | 5PM CT | 6PM ET | 11PM BST 

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Meeting ID: 850 2947 6572
Passcode: 384283


Come join the conversation via Zoom meet-up! All are welcome - students, professionals, shop owners and others interested in talking shop with model making colleagues.


We're model makers. We're your community. 


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