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...whenever you're watching paint dry, waiting for a mold to set up, or listening to the hum of a machine that is doing your bidding. Here you will glean the latest information from your APMM community, learn a trick or two, or find out what our Vendors are doing. Because resourcefulness is a true model maker's trait!


APMM Zoom Meet-Ups

We're hosting informal and interactive Zoom Meet-Ups for our members to get together in virtual space - make sure your membership is current and active, then join us! (Members in good standing will receive an email message inviting them to the session, including Zoom meeting details and links. We'll even send you a reminder before the session starts! Some sessions are open to all.) 


Planned upcoming meet-ups

  • Wed. September 15 @ 4 PM EDT - The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: Your Best/Worst Model Making Challenges - Jill Kenik, owner and principal model maker at Acropolis Studios Model Works, Inc., and the President of the APMM's Board of Directors leads this interactive discussion featuring Your Stories! Perhaps you've participated in a GB&U workshop at a past conference? Maybe the theme song from the 1966 Sergio Leone film is running through your head right now... you know which one: listen here. Join us and share your awful anecdotes, triumphant tales and perplexing predicaments - we know you have one! (special member session)
  • Wed. October 6 @ 1 PM EDT - Metal 3D Printing presented by MasterGraphics (Fitchburg, WI). Metal 3D printing has existed for a long time but has mostly been limited to highly specialized applications due to the high part cost, slow processing times, and difficult to use systems. (Think: aerospace or medical implants with low volume and high cost, which made sense for powder bed fusion machines.) New generations of metal 3D printers are beginning to emerge ushering in the era of Additive 2.0; drastically lowering the barrier of entry to get up and running with metal 3D printing while simultaneously allowing for far higher volumes of parts to be produced to actually go to mass production with metal 3D printing. Join us to learn how new generations of equipment allow for these unprecedented levels of accessibility; allowing for everyone to get their hands on metal 3D printing. Zoom link will be provided here.

  • TBA - Tour of a university shop... or two
  • TBA - Cutting Edge: a discussion of saw blades
  • TBA - Photo etching techniques and processes
  • TBA - "My Favorite Things": toolbox and shop essentials
  • TBA - Puppeteering: models that are meant to move
  • TBA - Reliable sources for Unobtanium
  • TBA - Model Makers - the Swiss Army Knife people of the zombie apocalypse

Meet-up sessions will generally take place on the 1st Wednesday of the month at 10 AM PDT/11 AM MDT/12 PM CDT/1 PM EDT/6 PM BST and the 3rd Wednesday of the month at 1 PM PDT/2 PM MDT/3 PM CDT/4 PM EDT/9 PM BST. Please watch for announcements or changes here as schedules are subject to change!


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