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Visit While the Paint Dries... whenever you're watching paint dry, waiting for a mold to set up, or listening to the hum of a machine that is doing your bidding. Here you will glean the latest information from your APMM community, learn a trick or two or find out what our Vendors are doing--

Because resourcefulness is a true model maker's trait!

On your mark... get set... WAIT!

APMM logo t-shirts, hoodies and sweatshirts will soon be back! We're getting ready to launch another campaign because, well, if you're a true model maker then the shirt you bought a few months ago probably has a permanent stain or a hole in it. (Do we know you, or what?)

Go to: (link coming soon!) and buy several because 1) it helps the APMM earn a little cash, 2) gets our logo out in the world, and 3) you're gonna need at least one unstained/hole-free shirt!

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