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Micro Etch Technologies specializes in Photochemical Etching/Machining on copper, brass, beryllium copper, phosphorus bronze, nickel silver, stainless steel, mild steel, and other specialty alloys.

From start to finish, we believe we offer the best value in our industry. Our pricing is VERY competitive!

We have the engineering support to help any idea become a reality!


As a contract manufacturer we offer sheet thickness from .060” down to .001” foil. We can generally hold tolerances as tight as +/-.003 (some applications even tighter). Our normal sheet size is 12” X 19” but we can accommodate films both smaller and larger (up to 18” X 24”). MET also works with local vendors for plating, forming, heat treating, specialty packaging, and metal coatings. 

For more information about MET: www.microetchtech.com


The Photo Chemical Machining Institute (PCMI), which serves as the governing membership group for our industry, produced this video that shows our process in detail: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lRKIa6Rbif0



Our pricing includes the support you get from an engineering/production standpoint all the way through quality control and shipping. As it pertains to our scale model customers, we offer a variety of stock metal options. We also offer a process we refer to as "rubber backing" where we transfer your model parts from the tab and clip format to a rubber-backed material for easy removal to the final application. 

Rubber-backed parts

Micro Etch Technologies (MET) was founded in 1988 under the name Indy Metal Etching. A large part of the core business for Indy Metal Etching was automotive, airplane, marine and train scale models. Over the years, we are sure that there are members of the APMM who have reached out to Indy Metal Etching, Indiana Micro Metal Etch, or Micro Etch Technologies.

Fast forward to the present day and MET serves more than 135 customers annually with a large presence in electronics, semiconductor, automotive, aerospace, medical, telecommunications, and custom electronic device industries. However, more than 30% of that customer base is still scale/custom model customers! 

We enjoy working with model makers and seeing the final product come to life with the items we can provide with our process. Additional investments made in quality equipment and our etching process has MET primed for additional sales growth. We have the engineering support to help any idea become a reality!