We simply couldn't have done it
without our Sponsors!


Companies and individuals listed here made it possible for the APMM to host our first Virtual gathering

Vendor Sponsors:
Aves Studio - David Brummell
B9 Creations - Dani Mason and Nicole Dietz
Camera Graphics - John and Christy Zell
General Plastics
GoProto - Jason Woodrow

McCausey Specialty Products - Heleen Roach-Heaton and Blair Wollenzin
Reynolds Advanced Materials - Seattle
ShipandInsure - Elaine Lockard
Silpak - Don Galarneau

Model Shop/Professional Sponsors:
Acropolis Studios Model Works - Jill Kenik
Amazon Lab126 - Jason Laux
Arts University Bournemouth UK - Graham Wood and Will Strange and students
Bruce Willey
CBT Architects - Aaron Williams and Jay Cadwallader
Chris Stanley
DEKA - David Reuman and Jake Urman
Duane Martinez
Electrolux - Nathan Allen
Ernest Ang
Facebook - Alexander Scott
Facebook Reality Labs - Sean Braaten
Fran & Miles Hale Model Railroading
Garmin Int'l - Lanson Emerson and Michael Scribner
Google - Thomas Wilbur
Herman Miller - Anthony Milano
HTS Advanced Solutions - Sally Aleman
Ideal Mockups, India - Sharad Dahake, Yogesh Suryawanshi and Sohan Dahake
JHU/APL - Craig Leese
Joshua Munchow
Knobel Woodworking - David Knobel
Melanie Estes
Microsoft/Concordis - Mark Honschke and Justin Sherman
Mitch Heynick, SwissRhino
Motorola - Michael Jahnke
Nike - Tanya Schroder
Northwest Arkansas Community College - Daniel Power
Paul Chabala
Schmit Prototypes - David Green and Thomas Hill
Singularity Scale Models - Ron Doyon
Steelcase - Jeff Long, Wayne Forsythe, Michael Elsholz, Scott Mader, Nathan McCaughan, Peter Mack
VELUX - Al Ruhoff and Jeff Ronan

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