APMM's Bylaws Get Needed Revision

Organization's guiding principles are soon to be updated

submitted by SAMANTHI MARTINEZ, Executive director

Though we don't refer to them very often, the APMM's Constitution and Bylaws need to be kept accurate and up-to-date. Our current Board of Directors, headed by President Jill Kenik, took on this onerous task during their term in office and the results reflect a more accurate and meaningful picture of the APMM's guiding principles.

In a couple weeks, APMM members in good standing will be asked to review and vote for the recommended changes. The Constitution and Bylaws can be seen here ahead of our formal voting process. Anyone with questions or concerns should contact Executive Director Samanthi Martinez or APMM President Jill Kenik.

Review the proposed APMM Constitution and Bylaws rev. 2019 


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