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ONLINE REGISTRATION IS OPEN NOW! Save $50 when you register before November 15, 2022

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Click here if you're having some trouble convincing your boss/business partner/decision maker to send you to the APMM Conference


Click here to: Register online, or call 315-750-0803 for special arrangements, scholarship, and sliding scale options. 

Professional $650
($800); Early registration: $600*
Educators $550 ($700); Early registration: $500*
Vendors $700 ($850) for tabletop and registration; Early registration: $650*
Students $250 ($280) - scholarships available; Early registration: $200*

*Early registration discount applied through November 15, 2022. Membership must be current at time of registration in order to qualify for member rates.


Do you have extenuating circumstances that make getting to the Conference (financially) difficult for you? Let us help! While we can't offer you a magic carpet to get there, we can provide a discount to our Registration Fee to make it a lot more affordable. Every model maker has a story, and so does every model shop - whether it be large, medium, or small. Small businesses, sole proprietors, recent graduates, professionals in transition, and anyone with the desire to participate in our Conference is eligible. Tell us what's keeping you from attending and we'll do all we can to make it possible. Contact Sam at [email protected] or call 315-750-0803 to start the conversation; we'll keep it confidential.


Breaking things up into smaller pieces usually does the trick for making anything easier to accomplish. If the entire cost of Registration is difficult to budget, let's work on a plan to cut the payments down to size. For our installment payment plan, you must make one non-refundable payment of $100, followed by regular payments of the balance. Contact Sam at [email protected] or call 315-750-0803 to make arrangements.


If students didn't struggle a little, how would they appreciate the good life when they land their first great job?? Most of us have been there and we want to help make your struggle a little less stressful. Contact Sam at [email protected] or call 315-750-0803 to find out how we help motivated and industrious students get to the only gathering place where they can show off their work, rub elbows with professionals, and find out about jobs in the industry. By trading a little of your time for a lot of Conference exposure, we'll make it worth your while!


Email [email protected] if you have questions about our event that have not been answered here.

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