We don't treat our Vendors like vendors because to us, you are part of our community - you're the ones who help us produce the top-quality work we do. Come join us, become part of our community and we'll be friends for life!

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions (and Answers!) about exhibiting at the APMM 2020 Conference

Will we receive a list of all model makers who are attending the conference? 
Yes, we will provide a list of all attendees as well as their email and mailing address within two weeks following the conference.

How many people are attending the conference?
We will have about 125 people registered to attend the conference, but more people may be present at the Industry Expo as it is open to the public.

What is included with our Vendor Table Top registration?
You will be a full-fledged registrant at our conference, with an all-access badge. You will receive a commemorative t-shirt at check-in, as well as a conference schedule and info packet. You are entitled to join in the meal events [Meet & Greet pizza and beer, Industry Expo (hors d’oeuvres, cash bar), two workshop lunches]

Will I be permitted to go on the Model Shop and Technical Tours?
Absolutely! Although the tours are add-ons (not included in the registration fee) and cost $75 each. There may be competitor restrictions so please check with Samanthi Martinez if you think there might be a concern. If you are on a tour, you will also receive lunch that day.

What is the size of our table top/exhibit space?
Our tabletop exhibits are a standard 6’L x 30”W table. Depending on your needs, we can locate you in a certain part of the exhibit hall but will need to make arrangements in advance for special situations. We’ll also have a chair or two available. You can decide to be in front of the table or behind it as suits your needs.

When do we set up/breakdown tables?
The exhibit area will be accessible from Saturday at 8 AM for setup, and the Industry Expo event will end around 6 PM on Saturday, but you may be able to keep the tabletops set up until workshops end on Sunday afternoon.

Do we have access to electricity in the exhibit area?
Power connections will be available throughout the exhibit area, and we can locate you accordingly so please let us know that you require power. You must provide your own extension cords as needed.

What about WiFi?
Yes, there is complimentary WiFi available throughout the building.

How can we reach out to attendees?
Your company’s logo and information will be included in our Conference Attendee Packet, which will be given out to all attendees at registration check-in. You can also provide samples or literature to be included in their packets. All vendors’ names and contact information will be listed in our Conference Attendee Packet. Contact [email protected] no later than February 15th with your logo and company information.

You may feel free to invite members of the general public and local customers or prospective customers to attend the Industry Expo event on Saturday afternoon (4-6 PM). They will need a guest badge so if you are expecting visitors, please ask us to prepare a free visitor badge for them.

What if I want to donate a prize to be awarded during the conference?
Simply notify us and bring the item with you if it is an item that will be easy for the winner to transport home. If the item will be difficult to transport, or may cause problems with airline regulations, consider awarding a gift certificate that they can redeem later.

What if I am presenting a Product Demonstration Workshop?
We will provide access to a projector and screen, if needed, in the workshop room. The room will be set up with presentation tables and classroom style seating. If another set up is desired, please inform us in advance.

Where do I park at the meeting center?
Parking information will be available soon.

Send shipments no earlier than three days before our event to:
Attn: Conference Services/(Your Name)
Alder Commons
1245 NE Campus Parkway
Seattle, WA 98105

Our Vendor Members are encouraged to present a Product Demo Session
Showcase a new item or show us how to innovate with a tried-and-true product! Whether you're presenting a hands-on demo (you can imagine how model makers appreciate something they can get their hands onto!) or a real-life customer story, our attendees will want to know more about the must-have resources you offer. Schedule your workshop/demo session by contacting [email protected].


Contact [email protected] if you have questions about our event that have not been answered here.

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