Tours and All-Day Training Sessions are $75 per person, including lunch and transportation to/from University Inn.


Friday Tour A              ***This tour capacity is 53 participants.***
Flying Heritage & Combat Armor Museum      
FHCAM contains one of the most authentic collections of military items in the world. Part of the reason is their painstaking research and restoration activities. We’ll be getting a behind-the-scenes look at that process, in addition to a docent-led museum tour.

Lunch @ Diamond Knot Brewpub

Turner Exhibits      
Turner Exhibits produces custom kinetic architecture and exhibit fabrication solutions for both businesses and private homes. This one is for fans of cool mechanisms and large pieces of steel.


Friday Tour B              ***This tour capacity is 53 participants.*** 
Microsoft Advanced Prototyping Center      
Microsoft is not just software. We’ll be visiting the Advanced Prototyping Center (APC), where Microsoft’s hardware and consumer products are developed, along with the occasional “extra” items.

Lunch – TBD

Facebook AR/VR Oculus Labs      
Oculus designs the headsets for users to experience Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality. We’ll be shown what contribution their new Seattle facility makes to this endeavor.


Monday Tour C              ***This all-day session is limited to 20 participants.***
Rhino Training Session at McNeel      
Rhino is one of the standard 3D modeling tools for designers and architects. The APMM has arranged with the staff of McNeel to offer a special all-day workshop at their facility for experienced Rhino users, covering some brand-new features and addressing issues that participants will bring to the class.
Lunch on site


Monday Tour D              ***This all-day session is limited to 15 participants.***
Arduino Training Session      
Come to this day-long workshop and help design and build an animated marble run. We will be working with a variety of sensors, servos, stepper motors, regular motors, solenoids, relays and various LEDs. You may bring your own Uno Arduino Board and parts (list to be provided), or purchase a Kit from us.
Lunch on site


Monday Tour E              ***This tour is limited to 20 participants***
NBBJ is a leading international architecture firm with offices throughout the world and has been named among the most innovative by Fast Company three times in the past five years. We’ll be seeing some of the most exciting work happening in architecture on our visit.

Lunch @ Culture Kitchen at MoPOP

Architectural tour at MoPOP      
The architecture theme continues with a special tour of the Museum of Pop Culture in downtown Seattle. Our group will be guided through the museum to locations that showcase various aspects of architect Frank Gehry’s design. Besides that, we’ll be able to see exhibits including the Science Fiction & Fantasy Hall of Fame and the Guitar Gallery, among others.


Tours and All-Day Training Sessions are $75 per person, including lunch and transportation to/from University Inn. There is a separate materials charge for the Arduino kit.


Being able to tour local model shops, other custom-manufacturing workplaces, relevant educational facilities and even the occasional makerspace is a huge bonus of having our conferences in different locations each time. Every different place we visit has the potential to teach us a valuable skill or introduce us to a new tool or material. Partnerships can even grow out of a random tour encounter.

Many of the places we visit have intellectual-property concerns for themselves or their clients. Some of our locations won’t allow participants from a rival organization to tour there. This is unfortunate but we have to respect that. To assure our generous hosts that we are visiting to learn about techniques and not their company secrets, we may ask our tour participants to sign an NDA, and to refrain from looking or photographing where they’re asked not to.

Seeing new ways to do things in the company of other model makers enriches the touring experience tremendously! Someone in your group may ask a critical question you didn’t think of. The only reason conference tours are ‘add-ons’ is so that we can offer a wider variety of them, hopefully at least one for every interest!

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Fine print guidelines and disclaimer: Only registered Conference attendees can add on a tour. If you work for a competitor that the tour host decides to exclude, your tour cost will be refunded or you may choose to take a different tour. The APMM reserves the right to make changes to the schedule or cancel tours. Cameras and other recording devices may be prohibited. Safety regulations may require that you wear shop-appropriate clothing and footwear.


Contact [email protected] if you have questions about our event that have not been answered here.

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