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 - Workshop Snack Break
 - Tour Sponsor

- Featured Model Maker Lunch co-Sponsor

 - Keynote Lunch Sponsor



Sponsors receive special recognition on our website, social media, and Conference 2020 materials. We'll also display signage with your name/company/logo that designates the event or activity sponsored.

Conference sponsorships for organizations include:
  • Keynote Lunch - $2000 sponsors a hearty lunch on Saturday with our distinguished Keynote Speaker. Your organization can make our general session (and some say, a highlight of our Conference) even better. Sponsored by Microsoft!

  • Industry Expo Event - $1500 provides hot and cold appetizers during our Expo Event where vendors staff tabletop displays highlighting their products and services. Often considered the most festive event of the Conference, this event features cash bar, delicious snacks, and prizes galore! We'll even have a "Knowledge Hunt" activity for participants to get to know our vendor partners and earn some goodies in the process.

  • Technical/Model Shop Tours (Full) - $1000 sponsors a full-day tour with two stops at Seattle-area model shops or industry-related attractions, including lunch  Tour E - Sponsored by VELUX!

  • Technical/Model Shop Tours (Shared) - $500 sponsors half of a day-long tour to area model shops or industry-related attractions, including lunch

  • Meet & Greet Event (Option 1) - $1000 underwrites the popular Pizza Meet & Greet event  Sponsored by Herman Miller!

  • Women in Model Making (WIMM) Happy Hour - $250 sponsors an informal gathering of women who make models. Formerly a breakfast event, participants in the past few years (yes, this will be our 4th WIMM gathering!) have asked for a later timetable, and adult beverages - so, we've shifted gears to an afternoon happy hour featuring complimentary appetizers and a free drink for each participant. We'll welcome women of all levels of experience in our field, including students. Additionally, women who are model shop owners or managers can arrange to be available for one-on-one mentorship during the conference.

  • Conference Meal Events (includes all attendees):
    • Workshop Snack Break - $500 provides an assortment of sweet or salty grab&go snacks.  Sponsored by Acropolis Studios Model Works!
    • Morning Coffee Break - $800 sponsors hot tea, coffee, juices, and pastries during workshop sessions (2 available)
    • Sunday Workshop Lunch - $2000  $1000 underwrites the Featured Model Maker lunch that is a great retrospective of a distinguished model maker's career and experiences. Partially-Sponsored by Concordis!
  • Door Prize Donations - Give a sample of your product or donate cool items from your company that any model maker would love to have!


MODEL CITIZEN Sponsorships (perfect for individuals or small shops!):

  • CHAMPION | $50, $100 or $200 - Be a champion of the APMM community and help make our Conference interesting while supporting the only gathering of model making professionals. The amount might be affordable but the result will be priceless. Bruce Willey - way to go, Bruce, thank you!! and  David Green - thanks, David and Schmit Prototypes! and  Chris Stanley - thanks for all you're doing to make our Seattle event the best! and Paul Chabala - your support is much appreciated!

  • HERO | $250 or $300 - Heroes don't come along every day, but when they do they make tremendous impacts! Put your mu$cle behind the APMM's Conference and make it possible for us to put on a fantastic biennial event. Diane Edinger - awesome support, Diane, thank you!!

  • SUPERHERO | $400 or $500 - Not everyone can wear a cape, but YOU can - if you donate at this level. Be the kind of supporter that inspires myths and leaps tall buildings (figuratively speaking)!

  • Prize Donations - If you've ever been to a Conference, you know the excitement and expectation that comes with the Prize drawings. Whether it is a gimme-cap, a prime piece of merchandise manufactured by your company, or a special tool that you've found useful or interesting, if you think a model maker would like it, bring it along! If it can't be packed home in luggage, consider a gift certificate for the winner to claim later.


Will you be a Sponsor? Contact [email protected] with questions or for special arrangements.

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