We're thrilled to announce an extra-special line-up of local area model shop and technical site tours. All full-day tours will be by luxury motor coach to at least two locations and include a hearty lunch. Tours will depart from the host hotel around 8 AM and return to the hotel around 5 PM. 

Friday, March 10, 2023
  • Tour A - Columbus, OH
    • NBBJ | lunch TBA | Otherworld - We'll start the day with a tour of the model shop of architectural giant NBBJ. With offices in twelve major cities across the globe, NBBJ is an award-winning firm of designers, planners, consultants and technical specialists working in a culture where thinkersmakers and dreamers converge. Our behind-the-scenes look at one of their model shops will give insight into leading-edge technology, techniques, and talents. After a satisfying lunch, we'll head to Otherworlda 32,000 square foot immersive art installation in Columbus. Mysteries unfold as you explore over 40 rooms filled with large-scale interactive art, mixed reality playgrounds and secret passageways. It’s an all new kind of art experience where visitors are encouraged to freely explore and interact with a surreal world of science fiction and fantasy. 

  • Tour B - Columbus, OH
    • Aerosport Additive | lunch TBA | Priority Designs Since 1996, Aerosport Additive has served thousands of satisfied clients from many disciplines including automotive, medical, electronic, military, aviation, toy, consumer and more. Investments in the latest technologies help the company stay competitive in a rapidly expanding marketplace. Benchmark with one of the best with this inside-look at an industry leader. After a sumptuous lunch en route, we'll visit Priority Designs where their growing team of 65+ is a compilation of niche specialists who dive deep into their product category, ranging from protective gear to medical devices. With a range of experienced staff, they help each other “cross-pollinate” ideas across industries to fuel product innovations and new solutions.


Monday, March 13, 2023
  • Tour C - Dayton, OH
    • National Museum of the US Air Force Model Shop | lunch TBAAmerica’s Packard & British Transportation Museums - We'll receive a behind-the-exhibits tour of the NMUSAF's Model Shop. Located at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base,  it is the world’s largest military aviation museum, featuring more than 350 aerospace vehicles and missiles and thousands of artifacts amid more than 19 acres of indoor exhibit space. Following a delicious and relaxing lunch, we'll head over to the America’s Packard Museum, which manages the largest public collection of Packard automobiles and memorabilia in the world. It contains over fifty cars, thousands of parts, and a research library. Then, on to the British Transportation Museum to see its current collection of 40+ vehicles and 15+ bicycles - celebrating the finest of British transportation this side of the Atlantic. **If you plan to leave Dayton on Monday evening, this may be the tour for you - no guarantees, but it is a local tour.**

  •  Tour D - Cincinnati, OH
    • 3D Color | lunch TBA | 1819 Innovation Hub - Our first stop will be at 3D Color, where they've earned the trust of brand and design leaders to shape first impressions with exceptional comps, advanced prototypes and innovative sales samples. After a refreshing lunch break, we'll go on to the 1819 Innovation Hub, part of the University of Cincinnati, where their 12,000-square-foot prototyping and micro-factory facility is a space for research, exploration, and creation of new ideas, objects, and products. It is outfitted with a broad array of tools from traditional to state of the art – including high-performing 3D printers, laser cutters, CNC router, and a waterjet cutter.

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