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Use those hashtags to spread the word... model makers are awesome!

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Hello Model Makers! The next APMM conference is coming up in sunny, exotic Grand Rapids!! Well, a guy can hope.

We want to make this a fantastic conference, and it is shaping up to be a great year, but of course we can use all of your help! Are you attending, or want to help spread the word about it? Maybe you have some cool things to share? Perhaps your photography skills need an audience and our tours are just begging to be captured?

Social media is a powerful tool in promotion and communication and we want to harness it to help make Grand Rapids 2018 a year to remember long after the conference is over.

We, as an organization, will be promoting the conference in the next few weeks and will be sharing during the conference for those that couldn’t be there. Using Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, & LinkedIn we will share photos, videos, and highlights to increase awareness and provide a glimpse into what we do. That, and provide photo evidence of all the cool stuff we’ll see!


“How can I help” you ask? Easy -

  1. Follow our accounts – You can find us at: @ModelMakersOrg on Facebook, Instagram, & Twitter and Association of Professional Model Makers (APMM) on LinkedIn.
  2. Like & Share our posts – Just click the “Like” or “Share” buttons, it’s that easy!
  3. Make your own posts – Why not make a post of your own with that great shot you took!
  4. Use some of our hashtags – Hashtags make us a community, and make our posts searchable! See below for the ones we will be using.
  5. Tag us in your posts – Just add in our name to your posts so we know that you shared something!

What's So Great About SawStop?

Bruce Willey writes about the safety issues of SawStop tablesaws


You might remember reading in the MILE about SawStops back in mid-September. Matt Williquette from Georgia Pacific sparked the conversation with this post:

“Curious if anyone has one of these installed in your shop? This recently came up again in our safety meetings that it should be implemented in my shop.I looked at them when they first came out and had a lot of concerns/doubts on what it advertised. I’d be interested in getting some firsthand feedback from owners/users, particularly if you had an incident while using the saw and it worked or didn’t work.  Thanks, Matt”


President's Letter

Peter Mack, President of the APMM


We are about a month away from the 2018 Conference and plans are coming together for a great experience. I’m excited that our town of Grand Rapids is the host city and I’m really looking forward to seeing you all there. I think this Conference will be outstanding because of the tours, workshops, and general fellowship that take place there.

For the past four years it has been my pleasure to lead the APMM as President. But it’s time for me to move on and let someone else lead. While I will continue to be involved with the APMM I think new ideas about the direction leads to a healthy organization.

I would like to take a minute to thank not only the members who make our organization great but also the Board Members who give their time to keep us moving forward. I also want to thank Sam Martinez for her outstanding work as our Executive Director; she is an amazing organizer, and leader in her own right. She has made my job easy and keeps pushing to advance the APMM. Thank you all.

So who is going to be the next President? Well, you will need to wait for the conference for that. But I would like to mention that there are a few board seats that will need replacements and I would encourage you to consider stepping up to contribute to the APMM.

I hope that if you haven’t registered yet that you will do so soon. You are the strength of the APMM and getting together face-to-face really solidifies our organization. The learning connections and relationships that are built when we come together are truly one of a kind. And of course there’s always the beer, they don’t call Grand Rapids “Beer City” for nothing. I would love to see you there and have a cold one with you.




Association of Professional Model Makers Winter 2018 Newsletter


Leadership in the APMM

submitted by Sam Martinez

“I could never do that,” you might catch yourself saying. And yet, the very future of the APMM may depend on you.


Though the APMM is a trim organization, with about 600 members and a small headquarters office, the reach and responsibility of the only professional group for model makers is wide and weighty. Between planning biennial conferences, maintaining our website, and communicating with members, the folks who serve on the Board of Directors of our non-profit organization play an important role in the future of model making.


Board President Peter Mack (2014-2018) says he is often surprised by people’s reaction to being in a leadership role.


“I often talk to people about the job of a model maker, what we do, the challenges and the rewards,” says Pete. “Usually in the conversation, I mention that I’m a member of the APMM or that I serve on the Board.”


He’s heard people say, ‘I could never do that!’ or ‘How do you have the time?’  But Pete says that in reality the amount of time he spends on his duties is maybe 3 hours a month in total. “Most of my responsibilities consist of answering some emails and making a few phone calls,” he says.


During a two-year term, the Board meets for the first time together at the Conference. They discuss the vision or direction for the APMM, review our finances, talk about the next Conference, and come up with a few actionable goals that will help to serve our members, raise awareness to our profession, and promote a career that, if not for our advocacy, might suffer in the long-run. If you’ve ever attended a Conference, asked a question on the MILE, posted a job listing or responded to one, you’ve proven the value of the APMM.


“I know many of you are quite passionate about model making and want to promote it,” says Pete. “One way you can ensure model making’s survival is to become a member of the APMM’s board and help set the direction of our organization.” It is also a great way to expand your professional development and leadership experience. If you’re looking for that next promotion, honing your entrepreneurial skills, or just seeking ways to improve yourself, a Board role might be the key.


Sam Martinez, APMM’s Executive Director (since 2005) has seen the APMM undergo many challenges, changes and still continue evolving. With all communications between Conferences taking place by email, it is easy to fit the tasks into a busy day.


“Once goals are set by the Board, I am able to help coordinate the efforts and engage the right people to make things happen,” says Sam. “Though things do get interesting at Conference planning time, most of the emails ask for input, opinions and for review and approval – not time intensive at all.”


And you’re never alone – you will receive support and mentoring from the outgoing members, who will help guide you into the role, share their experiences and ideas, and enable you to do your best.


“I would encourage all of you to consider giving an hour or so of your time to help the APMM grow,” says Pete. If you have an interest in any of the Board positions, please contact Pete or Sam prior to the Conference.


Yes, you can do that!


 Association of Professional Model Makers Winter 2018 Newsletter



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