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Meet the APMM's New Vendor VP! 

Ernest Ang, Art Director/Model Maker at Zoyes Creative Group, has been appointed to the APMM's Board of Directors as VP of Vendor Relations. Ernest's role will be to act as a liaison between members and the vendors and suppliers who are so essential to the model making field. Through Ernest's efforts, we'll bring more vendors and suppliers to the community and to represent their products at our next Conference. 

Ernest, a graduate of the model making program at Bemidji State University, joined the APMM in 2009 while he was an undergraduate student. He attended his first Conference a few years later and received an award for the model he entered in the 2012 Student Model Making Competition. 

Originally from Malaysia, Ernest became interested in architectural model making while visiting new properties and commercial building developments in his native country when he was young. Ernest’s parents loved to visit the sales centers and take Ernest along, where he saw the presentation models that were always there. That interest led him to study model making at Bemidji State University in 2009. Upon graduating from Bemidji State University, Ernest worked for a few years as an architectural model maker at KMCA Inc. and decided to go back to graduate school for his Design Management degree.

Ernest has attended three APMM Conferences during his membership. It was at the 2016 Conference in Greenville, SC, that Ernest was introduced to Zoyes Creative Group founder, Dean Zoyes. Dean offered Ernest an internship for that summer. He was then offered a full-time position at Zoyes Creative Group upon completing his graduate degree and Ernest credits this connection to the APMM.

Though Ernest acknowledges that the architectural industry may be shrinking, he says if you love architectural model making, just go for it! “It is definitely worth all the risk and efforts being an architectural model maker if you enjoy the making process and love seeing the end result,” he says.


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