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Website: provides shipping insurance, with no deductible, for shipping models and other items of value. Our insurance will be able to save $$$$ on transit insurance requirements for shipped domestic and international parcels and freight through our online site 




 We cover UPS, FedEx and USPS Registered, Priority and Priority Express Mail along with freight coverage. We also cover transporting your models by your car, van or truck.

The program is offered to members of the North American Collectibles Association (NACA) of which APMM members can join through a link on our home page. Our program is a member benefit of the NACA which is why we’re able to keep our rates exceptionally reasonable. We sell this insurance to professional individuals and businesses that find coverage of the type we sell very hard to come by.

In addition to our extremely attractive rates, at, we offer the satisfaction of knowing packages are fully covered, no deductible, and that claims for loss or damage are usually paid within 30 days of filing our downloadable claim form with the supporting documentation.

WE SPECIALIZE IN HIGH VALUE ITEMS! ($500 + and can even cover up to $500,000 or more)
Here is our rate calculator to view our rates:
Many of the items our customers ship and receive cannot be covered by the shippers. Our insurance, processed on line and per package, does cover these items up to $75,000 per entry online. Routinely, higher limits are approved by online or phone-in request. Our coverage is through PMA Group, A-Rated.

The other benefit we offer is the FedEx Discount program. FedEx established this program for the NACA (North American Collectibles Association) in the mid-'80s and to our knowledge is not available except under a pre-established association program such as what we currently offer or a negotiated rate due to shipping volume. Most of our customers use FedEx after they compare these rates to their previous method of shipment.

FedEx Express Billing Options:

50% off FedEx Express
25% off FedEx Ground doesn’t have competition for our type of coverage with the max-value limits covered and the fact we don’t have restrictions on items covered, 
with the exception of perishables, legal tender or contraband. We cover a large portion of gold bullion and jewelry shipped throughout the US. Historical items, art & antiques are all covered through our program as well as equipment, custom fabrications and medical supplies.