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 Onshape is the only cloud-native product development platform, combining full-featured computer-aided design (CAD), integrated product data management (PDM), and enterprise analytics in a single system.
With advanced simultaneous collaboration, Onshape allows engineers to develop products on-demand and collaborate in real time – without being tethered to a machine or a device.

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Onshape was acquired by PTC in 2019 and is the fastest-growing CAD system in the world, growing at 7x the average rate of the CAD market. Onshape diminishes security risks, reduces overall cost and accelerates time to market. With a community of over 3 million global users, numerous industries rely on Onshape, such as consumer goods, industrial equipment, robotics, and medical technology.

By leveraging the power and flexibility of a cloud-native architecture, Onshape has redefined the product development industry. Onshape’s ability to run in any web-browser or on any device, including iPad, iPhone, and Android devices, enabled new opportunities to work across geographic boundaries. 

In today’s digital era, companies must stay agile and accelerate their innovation process to stay competitive. With Onshape, engineers can innovate in real-time and collaborate with various stakeholders simultaneously. Learn more about why over 3 million users trust Onshape for their Design Needs.

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 For more information about Onshape go to: https://onshape.com/