Insight Designs
910 St. Francis Way
Rio Vista, California 94571

Telephone: 707-374-2218

Insight Designs fabricates made-to-order metal parts from sheet stock using photo chemical machining (photo-etching) technology. 
As an independent job shop, Insight Designs has been providing confidential production, design, engineering and art services to the professional model making community for nearly 40 years.

Photo chemical machining (PCM) is a cold cutting process which can simultaneously cut and engrave without stress or distortion of the part. PCM is ideal for parts that are complex, including fine pitch perforation patterns and special features for easy forming.
  • Accurate PCM parts in small lots or production quantities.
  • Complete in-house process: design files in - parts out.
  • Quick turn to support prototypes and production demands.
  • Extensive material inventory.*

Thicknesses between 0.0005" and 0.062" can be cut and engraved. 
Thicker materials up to 0.250" can be engraved.
Preferred vector design file formats: .dwg, .dxf or .pdf. Raster files can be used on a case by case basis. Along with the file, please list any special requirements or questions.
*We stock a wide range of material types, thicknesses and tempers: stainless steel, brass, phosphor bronze, nickel silver, copper, beryllium copper and aluminum.



Typical applications include:

  • full facades
  • trusses and beams
  • louvers, fins and sunshades
  • scale signage
  • window mullions
  • railings
  • scale furniture
  • scale foliage
  • builder plates, tags and plaques
  • mechanical parts
  • any of the above with partial etch areas, scores                or features to increase visual appeal and to aid        precise folding



We have been the specialist in making photo-etched parts for professional model makers of all disciplines since 1984.

We have helped our customers develop procedures and techniques to take advantage of the unique potential of photo-etching to produce the very highest quality models.

We have developed and maintained the ability to turn jobs very quickly when the needs of our customers require it.


Almost 40 years of projects speak for themselves. We have done work for all major divisions of specialty model making including props and other materials for movies and television. A notable example is the alien spaceship surface textures seen in Independence Day and the X-Files movies.

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