Virtual Conference Sessions

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  • The Thorp Model Making Archive - An introduction to the remarkable archive of the oldest architectural model makers in Britain, founded by John Thorp in 1883. APMM VP of Education Will Strange and Dr. David Lund of Arts University Bournemouth will share some of the rich history that traces over a century of architectural modelmaking from its very birth as a profession, and discuss the importance of preserving and documenting our industry’s history. 

  • Mitigating Hazards in the Model Shop - Robert Erwin of REAssurance Safety talks about mitigating the hazards of fumes, dust and waste products that are produced in a variety of manufacturing processes including 3D printing.

  • Sheet Metal II - Wayne Forsythe of Steelcase gives us a follow-up session to last year's basics workshop. In 2021, he fabricated a box using a shear/brake combo. This time, Wayne shares a few tricks on how to get started when you're not quite sure where to start! He'll highlight some tooling advantages (precision vs. conventional) and tell us about bump bending and how it can save you lots of money in tooling. Don't miss this riveting sheet metal session!

  • Adhesives: tapes, glues and coatings PLUS Photopolymer 3D print resins -

    Tod Gregory of Henkel, the world’s #1 adhesives producer, will present an overview of adhesives and sealants for multiple substrates: plastics, metals, and glass. He’ll share benefits and considerations as well as some tips and rules of thumb to make the use of adhesives a success for your next project.

    Brian Durand of Loctite Additive Manufacturing will present information about their Photopolymer resin offerings. Bring your questions and project problems for either Tod or Brian to address.



  • American Precision Museum, Windsor, VT - The APM will share some highlights of their collection with us! The video tour will include a blend of behind-the-scenes secrets... and on-exhibit favorites. They'll show us the John Aschauer miniature collection including a 1910 steam factory built when the craftsman was a teenager; the first ever Bridgeport mill, built in 1938; mechanical-motion studies built by Maxfield Parrish, Jr; an Etheric Force disintegrator from 1878; the world’s first Supermicrometer, and more. You can check them out at

  • Ekstensive Metal Works, Houston, TX - Everything is bigger in Texas, including their love of cars and trucks! At Ekstensive, we'll discover how they deconstruct and rebuild everything that has 4 wheels. Get behind-the-scenes with APMM Member Jennifer Shorb as we take a walk through the Interiors Studio. Then, keep up as we tour the Ekstensive Metal Works shop, where unique fabrication and design creates award-winning custom cars and trucks.



  • Fon Davis, film special effects wizard - With a company slogan that reads: “That’s impossible… when do you want it?”, nothing speaks to the heart of a model maker louder than an impossible project made possible. Fon Davis will discuss the importance of hand skills in today’s technological world, and how he embraces the limelight to educate and inspire future model makers.

  • Bill Robertson, titan of fine miniatures - As a child,  Bill Robertson was fascinated by the models in the Smithsonian and was constantly building replicas of things that fascinated him. He grew up in a “craft culture” - a time when kids built their own toys. Bill shares stories of his early commissions, what drives him to create his one-of-a-kind miniature models, and what he would build if money and time were unlimited. 




  • Hear about the latest from vendors and suppliers
  • Meet with fellow model makers from everywhere
  • Win great prizes in our giveaway!


  • Join us at the start of each day for an hour at the APMM HQ (via Zoom) to catch up with your colleagues, meet new contacts, and broaden your alliances
  • Stay after when the workshops, tours, and speakers are done to further the conversation and ask the question that's been on your mind all day


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