Presentations will be hosted on YouTube with opportunity for live chat Q&A following the presentation or via Zoom Meeting for interactive sessions. Video recordings of sessions will be available for members following the Conference.



Arduino Basics: Microcontrollers in Models APMM Member Chris Stanley leads this workshop on available microprocessor boards and the basics of using them. Add animation to your models, have your lights controlled automatically, and even sense environmental conditions and respond to them. There are new, easier ways to program them that do not depend on proper comma placement.

Funda-metals of Sheet Metal Forming – Wayne Forsythe of Steelcase leads this fun-filled demo session on forming sheet metal. Wayne will be using a Micro Mark shear-break combo and incorporating 3D printed dies to achieve a box and lid out of 22 gauge sheet steel. He will be doing acute bends that will turn into a hem and fold along with 90-degree bends. A brake press will be given away to one lucky participant at the end of the session (must be present during session to be eligible). 

Decision Points: Do I load a file or sand with one? – Craig Leese of Johns Hopkins University/Applied Physics Laboratory discusses how as a model maker looks at the scope of a project, they see the whole and its many parts. At their disposal are tools and processes, some old and some new. So the real skill comes with each decision made regarding which tools and processes to employ where. You'll see a panel discussion, as presenters work through the steps and decisions which brought a project from sketches to completion.

The Golden Touch: Electroplating for Model Makers – When it comes to high-end models, we all know that accuracy is everything. And when it comes to metal finishes, nothing looks more like metal than real metal! In this seminar, APMM Secretary Michael Scribner of Garmin International, will demonstrate electroplating, using a practical approach that’s suitable for nearly any workshop. He’ll cover equipment, techniques, safety considerations and much, much more. 



Managing Large Prototype Builds - Pete Mack of Steelcase, Inc. will lead a workshop on managing large prototype builds. Think: I’m going to build enough stuff to fill three 53’ semi-trucks. While large scale parts take up a lot of space, the organization of building, packaging for shipment, shipping, and on site work can be especially time consuming. We will discuss lessons learned from 20 years of building, shipping and installing large projects and how most of these techniques can be used on any project of any size.

Model Making in India: Follow-up Conversations – Sharad Dahake of Ideal Mockups in Nagpur, India will give a follow-up presentation to his workshop session at Grand Rapids, MI in 2018. Hear an update to include how the business and industry has changed over the past three years, and how their company has changed from the initial business concept. Learn how Ideal Mockups handles customer CAD work and other customer relations challenges they’ve overcome. Then, follow Sharad and his team through a tour of their shop in Nagpur!

Conducting Studio and Shop Safety Audits – Daphne Boston, CSP of Evergreen Safety Council will speak about the benefits of regular safety audits and proactive ways to find safety hazards so they can be corrected. This presentation provides an interactive discussion on, and tools you can use to assist you in, finding safety hazards.  Also discussed are methods on preventing safety hazards in the future.

Do More Digitally – Mike Elsholz of Steelcase, Inc. explains how leveraging technology can improve shop efficiencies, reduce costs, save time, manage and track jobs. Mike will introduce tried-and-true software for CAD/CAM designing and CNC machining, project tracking and shop dashboards, CNC brake press forming, 3D tools used to form sheet metal, 3D production fixtures, and 3D Scanners for part measuring/comparing and reverse engineering, as well as ExactFlat software for pattern development in upholstery. This workshop will feature a presentation with interactive discussion and the sharing of experiences.

Cybersecurity – John Haley of Microsoft's Advanced Prototype Center asks: are you running a tight ship? This workshop will cover security standards for data and systems that Microsoft requires from their partners and vendors.

Managing Personnel & Projects - Are you a manager, or would you like to be one? Bosses are technically people, too. APMM Treasurer Paul Chabala of Crown Equipment Corporation explores how to avoid the stress and conflict that can arise when deadlines and budgets are tight. Innovative and effective ideas will be explored in this interactive session.



The Voice of the Model Maker – Will Strange of Arts University Bournemouth will present an interactive, trans-Atlantic session on the importance of the model maker to the overall design process. Too often we see photographers and designers credited in books and magazines with no mention of the model makers. Thorp Modelmakers is the longest established professional firm of model makers in the UK. In conversation with David Lund, a researcher at Arts University Bournemouth, you’ll be introduced to John Thorp, his work and some stories from AUB’s newly established archive of his work.

Portfolio Reviews – Prepare your portfolio and resume for a practical, no-pressure review of your work and education/training background. Individual sessions with shop supervisors, managers, and owners will be scheduled in advance for personal interaction. If interested, contact [email protected]

Special Session: What do Model Makers Have in Common? – Nathan McCaughan of Steelcase will present an introspective open forum on the quirks that make a model maker unique (in a crowd). Do you fold the end of a tape roll back on itself about ¼” and your friends look at you like you’re a space alien? Do you know which side is up on a washer? Do slightly crooked bumper stickers annoy you? Come prepared to explore all the idiosyncrasies that make you a maker. A list of common traits will be drafted at the end of the session.


APMM Lounge/Social Space - A Meet-Up space for those informal conversations and colleague connections (cold drink or coffee, optional!)

OPEN 8 AM - 10 PM – Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday
ZOOM Meet-Up


Contact [email protected] if you have questions about our event that have not been answered here.

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