APMM + Maker Community = #getpaidtomake

There's a natural connection between Makers (Makezine, Maker Faires, Maker Spaces) and the APMM. For one thing, "maker" is practically a model maker's middle name.
Hey, it's actually our last name!  

Making exists at the intersection of DIY culture, hacking, tinkering and building practical skills while using open-source hardware and cookbook technologies.

Model makers are professional makers - people who utilize whatever techniques, materials and processes it takes to create the thing they are seeking to bring about.

It is a profession that values not only the spirit of making but the skills it takes to make.

Maker Spaces across the country, and around the world, offer the facilities and collaborative capital that unleashes limitless possibility when it comes to creating and developing ideas into reality. They may be called hackerspaces, Fab Labs, or go by other names, but they are places where like-minded individuals can share tools, ideas and skill-sets. Some operate like a gym with membership that entitles members to access the machinery, space, or equipment that their ideas require.

The APMM wants to connect with Makers around the globe to share information, exchange advice, present job opportunities, and give support within the community of makers. After all, we #getpaidtomake and need new colleagues all the time.

APMM members who want to participate in a Maker Faire near them can request a Maker Faire Kit which includes: a badge card on a lanyard that 1) identifies you as a member of the APMM, 2) provides a quick snapshot (literally) of information about the APMM organization, 3) has a QR code for quick links to the APMM, and 4) provides talking points to help an APMM member tell more about the organization they belong to; and 50 cool #getpaidtomake caliper stickers to give away to people you meet at the Faire.

Once you get to a Faire, the rest is instinct. You'll see amazing innovations, people of all ages creating cool stuff, lots of equipment for makers, and you'll find a community of people who are purely geeking out about making stuff. Supremely cool stuff. You will want to walk around, maybe talk to a few people about their projects, and you may actually feel that you're already a part of this culture that is on the rise around the world. 

To request a Maker Faire Kit: email [email protected]

maker faire

To find a Maker Faire near you: http://makerfaire.com/map/


There are lots of Maker Faires but not every city has one and usually any given region only has one per year. That doesn't mean you can't find makers and help get the word out in other ways! Besides the "official" Maker Media sponsored Faires, some makerspaces or schools or museums or even malls have their own making or STEM or craft-themed fairs or student shows or meet-ups. Your State Fair might have a making-related event this time of year. There are, of course, the other professional conferences, expos and conventions where passing out stickers and talking about the APMM would be good.

Not going to any events but just want some cool APMM stickers to hand out? Your $5 contribution will get two stickers sent to your mailbox. Just click here for the request!

Are you a maker or hobbyist who wants to join the APMM? Contact [email protected] to inquire about non-professional rates just for makers!







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