Sponsors, like super-heroes, come in all sizes and shapes! Though they may not wear a cape or tights, our sponsors know what's most needed and get there in the nick of time. They make sure that our events are supported and our community is strengthened.
Now, we have a variety of levels of sponsorships that enable anyone to show that the APMM's mission is important and that they support our community. We name our sponsors on our website and on-site at the Conference, not because they want the recognition, but because we want to display their support of the APMM's not-for-profit, member-focused values.

Organization sponsorships

Saturday Keynote Lunch $2000 - sponsors a sumptuous lunch on Saturday with our distinguished Keynote Speaker. SPONSORED BY: MCCAUSEY SPECIALTY PRODUCTS!

Sunday Workshop Lunch $2000 - sponsors a delicious lunch with our Featured Model Maker, a member of the organization that embodies the spirit of the model maker and is a respected contributor. SPONSORED BY B9CREATIONS and ACROPOLIS STUDIOS MODEL WORKS!

Industry Expo Event $1500 - brings us an afternoon of fun and illuminating activities where we spotlight the vendors and suppliers that keep us in business while we share informal conversations and build our network. Our inimitable returning emcee Craig Leese also promises a musical interlude about the pride and perils of model making - you won't want to miss this one, folks! SPONSORED BY: KELLY HAND/SATELLITE!

Meet & Greet Event $1000 - underwrites our wildly popular kick-off gathering. Nosh on local delicacies and taste the craft brews that Dayton is famous for. As our first social event of the Conference, this meet & greet lets old friends reminisce and new friends find each other. SPONSORED BY MILLERKNOLL!

Technical/Model Shop Tours $1000 - sponsors a full-day tour by motor coach with stops at Dayton, Cincinnati or Columbus area model shops or industry-related attractions, including lunch along the way. FRIDAY SPONSORED BY NACHO MENDEZ!

Technical/Model Shop Tours (Shared) $500sponsors half of a day-long tour by motor coach with stops at Dayton, Cincinnati or Columbus area model shops or industry-related attractions, including lunch en route. 


Individual/small biz SPONSORSHIPS

Contribute general-use funds to help offset Conference expenses and provide scholarships. As a non-profit on a shoestring budget, we can do a lot with a little, but your contribution as a friend, advocate, champion, hero or super-hero of the APMM means we can do even more to make the Conference experience successful for all who attend.

Friend $25
Advocate $50
Champion $100
Hero $250
Super-Hero $500

Our individual/small biz sponsors to date: Acropolis Studios Model Works, Alika Brooks, Bruce Willey, Paul Chabala, Michael Scribner


Yes, I'm ready to become a community-sustaining sponsor!
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Contact: [email protected] for details

other ways to contribute to our 2023 event

  • Send a prize for our drawing during the Industry Expo on Saturday afternoon - any sort of item that a model maker might like to have is fair game. We're talking tools, gadgets, electronics - you know the things makers like. Bonus points if it is shipped direct or easy to carry on the flight home!
  • Donate materials, tools, or products that your company makes. If you would find it useful, there's a good chance another model maker would, too!
  • Present a workshop - there's sure to be a topic you know about that you're comfortable talking about. You don't have to be a world-class expert to share your knowledge; you don't have to be a teacher, either, to lead a session on something you're good at. Take a chance - we'll give you a crisp $100 bill if you do!
  • Participate fully and invite a friend to join you! There will be something for every kind of model maker.

When you become a sponsor, you let your colleagues and customers know how much you value your association with the APMM! Choose from the options above or contact the APMM office for customized options.


To find out more about our event and plan to attend: