APMM Newsletter Archive

In this issue... "We're not all in the same boat", Virtual Conference announced, Student Model Making Competition 2020, Filming your Model Making, Wisdom from retired maker, New Tracks train show

APMM - Winter 2020
In this issue... Conference Rescheduled, COVID-19 Workplace Adaptations and Resources, Coronavirus Resources, Updates from Seattle


APMM - Fall 2019
In this issue... Change Propels us Forward, Vendor Spotlight: MicroMark, As Sharp As... New Blades, APMM Development Committee, Board Member Profile: Paul Chabala, Bylaws Revised

APMM - Summer 2019
In this issue... Conference News, Modeling our Futures, A Foot in the Door for new model makers, Vendors at the Conference, Vendor Spotlight: Aves Studio, Vendor Spotlight: McNeel & Associates, Member Profile: Miles Hale

APMM - Spring 2019
In this issue... Member Profile: Chris Stanley, Seattle 2020 - Looking Ahead, Spreading the Word about the APMM, Board Member Profile: Joshua Munchow, New Name for the Newsletter, Creative Interests, Membership Drive, Vendor Spotlight: B9Creations, Managing your Membership, Chicago's New MTEC Facility

APMM - Winter 2019
In this issue... Member Profile: Mike Elsholz, A Visit to NWTC, Vendor Spotlight: Sika Advanced Resins, Get to Know Our New Website, Avoid Shop Hazards, 3D Printing Project, T-Shirt Campaign

APMM - Fall 2018
In this issue... WIMM Dani Mason, Ideal Mockups - India, ShipandInsure, Making APMM Info Resources Work for You

APMM - Summer 2018
In this issue... WIMM Suzanne Brasure Schmitt, Student Model Winners, Conference 2018, APMM's New Logo

APMM - Winter 2018
In this issue... Grand Rapids Conference, Saw Stop, and Leadership in the APMM

APMM - Fall 2017
In this issue... St Charles Model Works, Arts Univ Bournemouth, Value of Old Tools, ShipandInsure, B9 Creations, Conference IRL, and book review

APMM - Summer 2017
In this issue... Educator/Innovator Bob Schureman, WIMM Jennifer Moran, and how to: Dynamic Resumes

APMM - Spring 2017
In this issue... Craig Martin, Model Shop hacks, RACO Industrial, WIMM Ami Davis, Northern Air Corp, Steve Grundahl, MicroEtch Technologies, and Ernest Ang

APMM - Winter 2016
In this issue... Gene Rizzardi, Shop Humor, ICONIC CNC, book review and more

APMM - Summer/Fall 2016
In this issue... Educator/Innovator Bob Schureman, WIMM Jennifer Moran, and how to: Dynamic Resumes

APMM - Spring/Summer 2016
In this issue... Vendor: Camera Graphics, Conference Report and Using Social Media

APMM - Fall 2015
In this issue... Vendor: J2 LED Lighting, WIMM: Sue Wellmar

APMM - Summer 2015
In this issue... Student News - New Blades UK

APMM - Winter 2015
In this issue... Vendor: Coastal Enterprises, Member Profile: Richard Coleman

APMM - Fall 2014
In this issue... WIMM: Tanya Schroder, World Maker Faire

APMM - Summer 2014
In this issue... WIMM: Samanthi Martinez, Vendor: FormLabs, RAPID Recap

APMM - Winter/Spring 2014
In this issue... 2014 Conf Highlights, SMMC Winners, WIMM: Lori Reed, Member Profile: Mitch Heynick

APMM - Fall 2013
In this issue... WIMM: Amy Mannisto, IDSA Conference

APMM - Summer 2013
In this issue... Vendor: Laser Reproductions, WIMM: Sharon Moore

APMM - Winter/Spring 2013
In this issue... WIMM: Jennifer Shorb, Art Institute of Chicago

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APMM - Summer 2012

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