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Wonder what's so special about being an APMM member? Well, don't take our word for it, see what our members have to say...

"Joining the APMM and attending their conferences has been extremely worthwhile for our business of supplying Custom Dry Transfers to model shops of all types. I would highly recommend APMM to anyone in, or supplying to, the model industry and its related fields."
- John Zell, Camera Graphics, Portland, OR

"APMM gives me access and information to the world of model making that is hard to replicate. From a business perspective I am more efficient and can make informed decisions that affect our bottom line."
- Ray Denison, Crown Equipment Corporation

"Thank you for helping us get in contact with several companies that could provide the work we were looking for. It is very helpful to have one organization to go to for such a search. We will continue to go through the APMM for future opportunities."
- Colby Sato, Customer Marketing Manager, Coca-Cola Foodservice & On-Premise

"APMM has been a great organization with which to work. The members are very professional, yet a blast to be with at the conferences."
- Jim Wilde, www.timberlinescenery.com

"The APMM’s Q&A forum is a great resource. Last time I needed advice about a roto-molding machine, I posted a question and it worked out well. We ended up buying one and it has been so busy since we bought it that we just purchased another two machines. Thanks for all the advice."
- Brian McNamara, Met-L-Flo Inc.

“The APMM is the first organization I have been in where everyone really wants to help everyone else. The depth of the knowledge base is staggering.”
- Justin Eddings, Pivot International

“Thanks for posting information from the A Few of My Favorite Things workshop on the website. I have purchased some of these items to enhance my lab. I hope this will continue to be a workshop at the next conference.”
- Stephen Speidel, LSI Solutions

"As model makers, we're constantly challenged to provide best in class materials, methods, and designs for our customers projects. APMM offers a wealth of knowledge for its members to use in delivering superior products to their customers. APMM Vendor members benefit through this shared knowledge as it allows them to supply problem-solving products to the model making industry."
- Terry Wellman, St. Charles Model Works

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What is the MILE and How Can It Help Me?

The MILE is one of the most cited benefits of membership in the Association of Professional Model Makers. It is your email portal to communicate with the hundreds of professional model makers, educators, vendors and students. You will be part of a supportive community of model makers, ready to lend expertise and share experiences. 

With the addition of The Forum, which is a great place to exchange information with other members, the MILE will now be utilized by members who have an urgent matter that needs immediate attention. Even though the letters MILE refer to Member’s Internet List Exchange, we like to think of it as Meltdown Imminent - Lend Expertise!

Here's an actual exchange between members that saved one of our members about $700 in about 8 minutes! Now that's real value! 

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