Get Involved in YOUR Community!


Here are some things you can do ranked from easiest to still really easy, but quite a bit more helpful. If you haven't already incorporated these items into your model making tool kit, just give it a try!

Meet-ups. Experience the world of model making and more through Zoom

  • Take a break every couple weeks and hang out for an hour. Join in the discussions around interesting topics with great guest speakers. Check out past meet-ups here.
  • Send us your ideas for possible meet-up topics! You represent our eyes and ears across the model making world. Tell us about a cool business, museum or workshop that would be of interest to fellow model makers, or a craftsperson or academic in your area that might speak with us on model making related topics! All we need are the ideas and/or names – your board will hunt down leads, make calls, and organize events.

The Forum. The place where model makers ask questions and get answers, and share cool stuff

  • Post to the forums at! Whether it’s a question about a tool or technique, looking for a specialized service provider, or just about anything else tangential to model making, start a conversation on the forums. Your colleagues in this organization have been there, done that, and almost any question can get answers in a hurry there.
  • When others ask questions, if you know an answer, chime in! The forum represents a valuable storehouse of our collective knowledge, and it just gets more valuable and richer the more we expand it with questions and answers.

Education. Where are tomorrow’s model makers coming from?

  • Tell us about any college or technical programs in your area that are teaching the skills to develop model makers. Universities, community colleges, vocational training facilities, makerspaces – all are good. We’re attempting to expand our reach and involvement with educational institutions, but we need eyes and ears everywhere to find those elusive programs.
  • Keep an eye out for the online Student Model Making Competition. SMMC is held on Instagram. You can follow along by checking out #APMMAwards. You can even be a judge! Contact [email protected] to pitch in.

Share your awesomeness! Yeah, it's easy!!

  • Give us feedback! Send a message and tell Michael or Samanthi or anyone on the Board what you enjoy about our organization, what you feel we could do better, and any ideas you have that you think would improve the organization for all members.
  • Take your phone over to your workbench or somewhere in the shop, hide any proprietary items, and snap a picture. We want to see workspaces, tools, equipment, work-in-progress, old projects, shop dogs or cats, whatever!