Hagley Museum & Library Re-opening

This amazing VCON Tour destination has resumed normal operations with a big addition in place and more to come. The Velocipede Time Machine has come to life in the re-opened Visitor Center lobby of the Hagley as of June 1. Beginning September 13, it will serve as an introduction to the Nation of Inventors exhibition when it opens to the public. The Velocipede Time Machine is the creation of steampunk artist Bruce Rosenbaum, who you might have met on Saturday evening's Zoom chat during the conference. Check out his work at ModVic.com. If you decide to make plans for a trip to Wilmington, Delaware to see this fascinating exhibit, please share them on the APMM Forum under "Model Destinations" and maybe some of us can have an IRL meet-up!

Find out more:

Velocipede Time Machine article from Summer ’21 Hagley Magazine:

Media advisory, April 20, 2021: 

Images from Velocipede Time Machine installation, April 28, 2021:

“We hope that some of the APMM's members will be able to visit Nation of Inventors when it opens this fall!” said Laura Jury, Marketing Manager at the Hagley Museum and Library. You may remember Laura was instrumental in the fantastic tour that we had of their Patent Model Collection during the virtual conference.

Velocipede Time Machine, created by Bruce Rosenbaum


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