Here's a little bit about our newest members and be sure to scroll down to the end for pics! Also click their company links, you never know what cool things they offer...

Matt Neidhardt   Fresco Design   [email protected]
My name’s Matt and I graduated from Mass Art’s Industrial Design program in 2018. During college I enjoyed fabrication processes like woodworking, metalworking, and mold making. That kind of hands-on work led me to model making and prototyping. At Fresco Design I make appearance models and prototypes for product development. 

Kent Gallant   Little Canada   [email protected]
Professionally I've been trained as an Architectural Engineering Technician at the Nova Scotia Community College. My main skill sets are in CAD/3D design, Laser cutting and 3D printing. I've been involved in the HO scale model railroading hobby since I was young, and that turned into model making during my college years. When I learned that it was possible to work and build architectural models for a living, I was set! My hobby still exists working on 1/87 scale dioramas, but I've branched into many scales and disciplines in the model building world and I enjoy any challenge when it comes to learning a new skill. I've been working in the model making Industry for 5 years now and I also volunteer as a Firefighter.

Aliyah Tom    Little Canada    [email protected]
I am born and raised in Mississauga, Ontario (close to Toronto). I started my first architectural model making job in 2014, right after graduating from an Architectural Technology college program. I continued working in architectural model making until 2019, when I joined Little Canada. I am really looking forward to being exposed to all different kinds of model making through the APMM!

Mark Hornsby   The Model Man    [email protected]

Elaine Huth   (retired)   [email protected]

Edward Cady   New Tracks Modeling    [email protected]

Al Collins   Ultimation Precision Sanders   [email protected]

Doug Finnegan   Insight Designs   [email protected]  

Jeff Hoefer   Google Brands and Hardware   [email protected]

And now, a new member who showed us some good looking model work -

Matthew Winchell   Worcester Poly Inst  [email protected]
I'm a graduating High School senior going into WPI (Worcester Polytechnic Institute) in Massachusetts. I am planning on studying Robotics Engineering & would like a career in the film industry working on Special Effects, specifically animatronics, props, models & practical effects in general. I'm currently focused on my animatronic BB-8, but I have a miniature Razor Crest model from the Mandalorian that I am working on as a side project.







 Nice work, Matthew! And thanks for joining, everybody!


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