GET READY: What to Expect at Our First Virtual Conference

submitted by Bruce Willey

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You may be wondering…

  • Which kind of file should I be using and how do I know it’s safe?
  • How can I make my deliverables more digital?
  • How can I make my deliverables more metal?
  • How small does a toy have to be before it’s a miniature, and when does a bunch of miniatures become a diorama?
  • What really got sketched on that napkin in Silicon Valley 28 years ago?

We'll have the answers to these questions and much more! From an in-real-life conference that was cancelled less than two weeks before it was meant to begin, after all the work had been done and every moment planned in meticulous detail - to what will be a presentation- and demonstration-packed virtual conference, we believe we have delivered against all odds like so many model makers have done before.

But it's YOU, our members who will be the ultimate judges of that! See if you can clear your calendar from Thursday afternoon to Sunday evening March 11-15. (Don't worry, there'll be lots of times in there for you to deal with those things that never actually get cleared.) Check out the conference information and registration pages and JOIN US!


How can we bring you all this amazing information?


We will be using Zoom and YouTube!

Our conference will have sessions using Zoom and YouTube videos. Each day will start with a short Zoom "General Session", then we’ll go watch a recorded presentation (tour/workshop/demo/speech) on YouTube. You can type questions in the Live Chat box on YouTube and we can all discuss the presentation afterwards on Zoom. Presentations and discussions will take place throughout the day. Each session will be about an hour long and there will be a half-hour break between sessions.

There will be a continuous Zoom meeting (Conference HQ) open throughout the conference live hours (9 AM - 9 PM ET) where you can pop in to chat with others or find out what’s currently happening and how to see it. We will only have one presentation running at a time, except during the Vendor Expo when they will each have something happening on their own sites. 


So here's your Conference Checklist - 

Not only is the conference less than half the price as it has been in the past, there's no travel, and don't forget, drinks and food are way less expensive at home than at the hotel bar. You'll even be able to get some work done during the breaks! So why not register?

You'll need to visit the APMM website at some point, so make sure you know your password when the conference begins.

Zoom and YouTube accounts are free! Please use your real name on your accounts, at least during the conference. You do want people to associate your name with your face when you say clever, insightful things, don't you? 




It wouldn't be an APMM conference without a stylish t-shirt! We've partnered with Bonfire again to offer quality shirts in a variety of colors and styles. Even if you carried your registration forward from last year and have a shirt coming, you still might want to order one extra - because who wants to wear the same shirt for four days?

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More info on the APMM's Virtual Conference 2021


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