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MasterGraphics has provided and supported innovative print technology to the engineering and design community for over 70 years 

MasterGraphics specializes in helping clients implement 3D printing solutions internally to leverage the latest in Additive Manufacturing. This includes consulting during the process to select the right 3D print technology, followed by a defined installation process, and then finishing with award winning service support to protect your investment.  They have been in the 3D print realm for over 12 years and their focus has expanded beyond just prototyping to production solutions – 3D printing from concept to production. With MasterGraphics you can eliminate the need to create complex models and move to printing them.  

MasterGraphics offers a wide variety of 3D print technologies from industry leaders such as 3D Systems and HP. With experience within both the AEC world (such as the 3D printed model of City of Chicago on display at the Chicago Architecture Foundation above) to Manufacturing applications (such as swabs for COVID testing within the Navy) they have the application engineers, technology, and ongoing support to meet a wide range of needs. From high fidelity models to strong durable objects, the range of technologies often allow them to align a printer with your needs.

Recent advancements in processes have even allowed them to offer solutions that print true plastic parts in full color.

Kevin Carr, President of MasterGraphics says, "From conceptual models to final parts, recent 3D printing advancements have finally brought reality to many of the promises made to model builders in the past."

You can reach Kevin at [email protected]

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Association of Professional Model Makers  |  Winter 2021 Newsletter

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