Together, We Model Our Futures

"Now is the time for YOU to consider joining the APMM leadership." 

submitted by Jill Kenik, APMM PRESIDENT 

The Seattle 2020 Conference planning is in full motion and it will, as Conferences always do, bring changes to the APMM Board of Directors, with terms expiring and members stepping into new leadership roles. Now is the time for YOU to begin considering joining us.

The APMM Board is elected at our biennial membership meeting held during the Conference.  Until 1 month before the gathering, another member may nominate you, or you can nominate yourself for a position on the Board of Directors. Please get in touch with Sam or one of the Board Members to discuss any roles you are considering. There is no commitment in asking what a position entails.  If you are not quite ready for a Board position, you can certainly serve as an assistant or even occasional helper.

Many of you are probably relying on the old adage "Never Volunteer for ANYTHING!"  You need to reconsider because you are missing an incredible opportunity and experience.  APMM needs you, and the professional rewards are huge!  You will be supporting the organization that has always supported you.  We have all benefited from our memberships, and the more you put in to the APMM, the more you will get out of your membership.

It takes a core group of volunteers willing to spend a little time each month to keep us running and pushing ahead to help our industry.  We, on the Board, have developed a very efficient and flexible system to handle "meetings" through Forum discussions.  New topics and discussions are posted for review and comment each month, so if you are having a busy week and cannot get to the discussion right away, or need a quick break during the day, you can chime into the Forum on your own schedule.  Just as APMM members support each other, the Board of Directors also supports each other’s roles in the organization.  You will not find yourself lost and alone or overwhelmed!

Hear from some of our volunteer Board Members about their motivation for taking APMM Membership to the next level:

Michael Scribner, APMM Secretary captures some of the energy the entire Board of Directors feels, explaining, "The APMM has allowed me to witness so much more of what goes on in the field of model making than I would experience in a lifetime of working at a handful of isolated model shops. The places we visit and the people I have come to know through the organization and conferences have raised my awareness of the field so much, and added a sense of community that extends far beyond the walls of my office. I sought to join the APMM Board in order to pay it forward, to lend some effort to ensure the experiences I’ve had attending conferences - touring workshops, learning new skills and developing relationships with fellow model makers - will continue to be available for all of us in years to come. Happily, I’ve found the collaboration and collegial atmosphere of working with the Board to be a very fulfilling endeavor, sort of like a little hit of the joy of being at our conference delivered bit by bit all through the months between conferences."

APMM Education VP Will Strange says, "I joined the APMM primarily as a way to better understand how my discipline is practiced in the USA; The APMM community is a constant reminder that I’m also part of a much wider community that considers our work in very different ways. Playing a more active role within the association has led me to realise that I am part of a much wider community than I thought.

I have learned how US students learn model making, worked as a 'subject matter expert' with the Boy Scouts of America, and had access to some great research opportunities, all as a result of connections that were established as a Board Member of the APMM."

Bruce Willey, APMM Conference VP explains, "Being on the APMM Board had helped me understand how a business is run. I have worked on brand development and event logistics, learned how to properly manage decision-making within the bylaws and how to operate an organization within a budget. Our Board is made up of workers in our industry who constantly strive for improvement.  Every one of them has had valuable experience one can learn from. It's a great personal- and career-growth opportunity."

Our newest Board Member, Ernest Ang, Vendor VP believes in giving back to APMM.  Ernest says, "For me, the APMM has made a big impact on my professional career as I joined the APMM when I was still a student at Bemidji State University. I have learned so much from just meeting with everyone from the three Conferences I have attended and I also met my current boss at the APMM Conference in Greenville, SC three-and-a-half years ago. Because I have gained so much from the APMM, I want to give something back. Therefore, a few months ago when Jill asked me whether I would like to be a part of the Board as the Vendor VP, I had no hesitation in saying 'yes'. Of course, being a Board Member requires you to put in some time and commitment, but everyone works as a team and you will learn so much in terms of leadership and communication skills."

Whatever your reasons, a position on the APMM Board of Directors will prove to be a meaningful professional experience.  Consider joining YOUR Board of Directors - together, we model our futures



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