How to Use THE MILE
submitted by Pete Mack, VP and Past President

Learn how to use one of the most useful tools the APMM offers.

I believe the MILE is one of the most useful tools that the APMM offers. I’m not sure how many times I’ve read a post saying “Help, my machine is down and I have a tight deadline, can someone help me out and run my parts on their machine?” or “Does anyone know how to fix my…” these questions are usually answered in minutes, offering: “My machine is open, send your files” or “I had that same problem and this is what I did” along with information of where to get parts or what to do. On a recent post, a student asked a question for a paper she was writing. From that request she received multiple responses. Not just a quick 'this is what I think' but well thought-out responses based on personal experience and insight that just isn't available anywhere else. 

At the conference in Grand Rapids I hosted a workshop to talk about how the APMM could better serve the members. From that discussion I learned something I found surprising. Several of the people in the workshop simply didn’t know about the MILE or how to use it. If four or five people in the workshop didn’t know, then I’d bet there are a lot more who don’t know or remember what to do. This is the kind of low hanging fruit that is easy to remedy. The MILE is such a valuable resource I think everyone should use it. But what if you don’t know how? Well here is a quick reminder of how to log in and access the MILE.

I asked Samanthi Martinez, our Executive Director and the person who knows everything about the APMM, a few questions about how to go about using the MILE.


Q: Sam, How do I log in to the MILE to post a question?

To post a question, request, or share to the MILE, simply send an email to [email protected] from the email account to which your APMM membership is connected (the one you probably use to login to the website) and the e-list will automatically send a message to the other members who are subscribed.

If your APMM membership is current, you too can access this wealth of information, advice and sharing! To make sure you are subscribed to the MILE (and receiving messages that others send), login to the website and subscribe to the MILE. Here are a few simple steps to follow:

  1. Go to your member profile
  2. Select My Features tab
  3. Click on E-Lists
  4. Choose MILE from the E-List menu.


To go directly to your Member Profile, follow this link:


To mail to the list once you are subscribed: send email to:[email protected] 

How to Use THE MILE
submitted by Pete Mack, VP and Past President

Learn how to use one of the most useful tools the APMM offers.


Q: What if I forgot my log in and password?

Go to the main page of the website:, click on the Login link at the top right of the page. The Username and Password entry fields will appear. If you know your username, enter it and then select “Forgot your password?” but if you don’t know your Username either, you can select “Forgot your username?” and information will be provided to reset and login.


Q: Is there anything else I need to do?

That’s all there is! Subscribing takes just a few steps and then you’re set until you cancel your subscription. But – if your membership expires, you will need to resubscribe! Please keep your membership active and you won’t have to hassle with this extra step. Sending to the MILE is as easy as sending an email to [email protected].

Anyone having problems or questions can feel free to contact Sam at [email protected] or call 315-750-0803.

So there you have it! Communicating with your APMM colleagues is super simple. Let’s face it, there is a lot to know about model making and answers don’t always come fast and easy. Do you have a question about a material, an adhesive, a process you haven’t done before? Need a 5-axis machine resource? Get real feedback from someone who has had the same problem you’re facing.  Post a question to fellow professionals and use the vast resources of the APMM membership to help solve your problem.

There is another benefit of the APMM that is under-used: sharing. Have you found a shortcut to a problem? Post it and let others know. Our community is built on sharing and helping others in our trade. Your post about something you discovered will help others... and that’s what we are all about.


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