Top 5 Reasons NOT to Present a Workshop

Great! You've convinced yourself that you won't be doing a workshop at the upcoming Conference. Awesome! We think we've come up with some great reasons not to do it, but see if these reasons compare with yours. If nothing else, you'll want to avoid the FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) that might come along with your choice.

Read on to be sure you're making the right move...


Top 5 Reasons NOT to Present a Workshop

submitted by Samanthi Martinez



5. You barely have enough time in your day to do your job, take care of the kids/pets/spouse, and spend time on social media.

Look, there are only 24 hours in a day, anyway, and you’ve already got 20 of them allocated to important things! But seriously, aside from organizing some notes and maybe gathering some samples, photos and stuff, the bulk of your workshop lies safely tucked away in your head!

Trust me when I say that the minute you start thinking of doing a workshop, things will start to fall into place. As you go about your daily work for, say… the next seven or eight months, you’ll probably start to see a few things that you can include in your presentation. Start jotting them down, make a napkin sketch and start to develop your prototype, then watch it morph into a full-blown great idea!



4. You fall asleep during Powerpoint presentations – even your own!

Please do not do a Powerpoint. No, really. Don’t.

Why spend all your time making pretty slides when model makers only want to sit around and talk about their work, coming up with solutions to their daily problems, and sharing their scary stories and exhilarating experiences?

You know from experience that the coolest workshops are ones where people open up about their toughest challenges and share their greatest triumphs, with or without full-color slides and graphics. Tell your story with passion, engage others to do the same, and you’ll be making one heckuva impact on your fellow makers. They’ll remember the value, long after the Powerpoint slides are finished.



3. Your employer doesn’t think you should do it.

Your boss always knows best, right? They wouldn’t want to share any of the “trade secrets” that your company has a monopoly on! Unless… you bring back a few “trade secrets” used by other model shops. Yes, it could happen!

I bet they wouldn’t want to give you a raise or anything because you’ve suddenly upped your professionalism or developed a new set of skills like an aptitude for presentations or increased your confidence in communicating with clients.



2. You don’t have 50 years of experience as a model maker.

Since you’re not an “old timer” you probably don’t know that much about model making, right? Doesn’t someone have to be doing things an entire lifetime before they really get good at it? No, you say? You’re still a (relatively) young thing but you have amassed a whole lot of great skills? You don’t say!

Now, how about sharing a little of what you’ve learned along the way to becoming the model maker you are today? Even if you don’t feel like you have the experience to do an entire presentation, what about leading the workshop but have your colleagues who have similar experiences pitch in with their talents and ideas?



1. You don’t really want $100 cash, anyway.

“No, thanks, I don’t want a fresh, crisp $100 bill,” said no one, ever. We know taking the time out to prepare a presentation or workshop session isn’t easy. If it was, EVERYONE would do it. So, we want to say thank you in a way that we think you’ll appreciate.

The APMM didn’t get to where we are today (surviving on a shoestring) because we were stingy with payoffs, so we want to put some money where your talent is. The truth is: we need you and your expertise to make our Conferences the best they can be. Don’t hold back now, we really, really need you!


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