Vendor Spotlight: PulsarProFX

Save time and money with in-house dry-transfer graphics...

Vendor Spotlight: PulsarProFX

submitted by Frank Miller


Save time and money with in-house dry-transfer graphics using DecalPro®FX


How do you make your professional models shine? By adding high resolution, pressure-sensitive, dry-transfer graphics.

How do you create great graphics in very little time and at a reasonable cost? By using DecalPro®FX from PulsarProFX in Colorado Springs, CO!

APMM Member Frank Miller, Owner of PulsarProFX, says that his company’s DecalPro®FX system is a first of its kind. “Prior to DecalPro®FX,” explains Frank, “professional model makers had to ‘send out’ for dry-transfers in order to complete a model’s markings – an expensive and time-consuming proposition, and ‘rush-jobs’ can easily double your cost. Our complete system is $229.90, which is about equal to a single small dry-transfer job.”

PulsarProFX’s 10-minute process uses your standard B&W laser printer (or copier) to create images in white, grey, black, 13 real metallic shades and 2 holographic shades (and you can create complex “composite” multi-color images!). Full-color graphics are made with any standard color laser printer or color copier. DecalPro®FX pays for itself in no time! It is the ideal graphics tool for one-off projects and prototype models that need a level of realism.

DecalPro®FX’s DIY dry-transfer graphics can be made in 10 minutes or less and can be applied to any surface: flat or curved. Images will even track very fine ‘panel lines’. This revolutionary tool enables the professional model maker to add detail quickly and easily. Text resolution can be accomplished down to 4pt using any 1,200dpi laser printer.



DecalPro®FX’s DIY dry-transfer graphics applied to a harpsichord


You won’t need a darkroom, chemicals, or specialized equipment. Frank and the folks at PulsarProFX are also available for tech support and ongoing creative consulting by phone or email. The ‘On-Demand’ images are just what your projects need.

The DecalPro®FX system comes with a full 30-day unconditional product price money-back guarantee… yes, even if used!



To find out more, check out these videos

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Putting a full-color dry-transfer on a drinking glass


Collection of clips made by our users including other variations on our process


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