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 Subject : Re:Re:Re:Urethane / Resin / filler.. 04/09/2019 04:52:41 PM 
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Only thing I would worry about is the material shrinking as it cures and how much heat it may generate as it cures. It looks like a fairly small mass, but you won't know unless you try!
 Subject : Re:Re:Urethane / Resin / filler.. 04/09/2019 04:37:45 PM 
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Thanks Nick!
I ordered a Quart sampler and will check it out.
Lawrence Wright
 Subject : Re:Urethane / Resin / filler.. 04/03/2019 06:14:19 PM 
Nick Dothage
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Take a look at Smooth-On's Encapso K.

It can be poured thick and the bubbles generally work themselves out just fine with no pressure chamber.
 Subject : Urethane / Resin / filler.. 04/03/2019 05:54:37 PM 
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Hello All,

I'm trying to fill an SLA printed bottle ( bottle on right in pic) with a material that when cured (hard), will resemble clear liquid.
I tried an epoxy but the viscosity didn't let the tiny bubbles float to the top and escape.
I've let excess 2-part urethane cure in a glass jar and it had large cracks when cured.
Should I go for a casting urethane? Will the viscosity be thin enough for bubbles to escape? I have no pressure chamber.
The bottle has been urethaned on the inside and outside surface.
I could print the liquid area as a solid in the future but wanted to explore this option to save printing costs, as my client may order quantities.
Any recommendations are greatly appreciated.
Thank you!!

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