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 Subject : Re:Reproduction cast iron mouldings.. 09/20/2018 06:24:48 PM 
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The client has decided to proceed with brass where structure is needed and shift to metal impregnated epoxy where simple ornament is required.

Thanks for the discussion and the webinar link! I'm going to copy that to News and Events also---seems like it would be a high interest presentation.
 Subject : Re:Reproduction cast iron mouldings.. 09/19/2018 03:37:47 PM 
Charles Overy
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Ex one machines can also print sand cast molds. I have seen huge castings at the ExOne facility - almost a meter square. I do not know if the surface quality of these parts works.

I did just get an invite to a webinar that might be interesting. - 3D Printed Tooling for Sand Casting

3D Printed Tooling for Sand Casting: Time and Cost Savings of FDM vs. SLA
Advancements in equipment and materials have made 3D printing a practical option for hard tooling for metalcasting. Join RP America's Jeremy Owen as he compares time and cost savings associated with stereolithography (SL or SLA) and FFF/FDM 3D printing processes to traditional methods for manufacturing hard tools for the sand casting process.

For both SL and FFF processes, Jeremy will examine:
- Part quality and smoothness
- Strength/durability
- Print and post-process time
- Overall cost

Data gathered in collaboration with Trident Alloys, a jobbing foundry in Massachusetts, and Georgia Technical Center for FlowServe.
Sep 26, 2018 1:30 PM in Central Time (US and Canada)

 Subject : Re:Reproduction cast iron mouldings.. 09/13/2018 12:59:07 PM 
Jill Kenik
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I was not previously aware of ExOne--thanks for the contact. I spent some time on their site and will continue to study since 3D printed metal will inevitably become part of my metalworking life.

Unfortunately, the required parts are outside of their build envelope, so I'd have to get in to part assembly but the bigger issue, based on photos, looks like surface quality. Their photos are typical of my experiences.

I've had some difficult issues and experiences working to finish 3D printed metals--I look forward to the day when surfaces improve. Metal printing is amazing, but my clients demand great surfaces, even on reproduction 100 year old cast iron parts.
 Subject : Re:Reproduction cast iron mouldings.. 09/12/2018 05:59:41 PM 
Charles Overy
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Have you priced it using ExOne? It would be interesting to know if it is even remotely cost effective to use their sintered brass process. My guess is that each part will be ~ $1000 but I really have no idea.

Last I checked, Shapeways brass was still Exone.

 Subject : Reproduction cast iron mouldings.. 09/12/2018 03:08:07 PM 
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I need to reproduce 3 styles of cast iron architectural mouldings, each about 16" in length. The deepest moulding is 1-1/4" max. thickness x 3" wide.

Recasting in iron is not practical because setup costs are too high.

Finished mouldings are screwed and epoxied into place and painted to blend into the undamaged sections on the exterior of a building.

I've looked at direct CNC milling into brass, but the material cost is high, and cutting time even higher.

We've also considered milling into pattern board, pulling RTV molds, and epoxy casting the required components. Since there are 3 patterns, requiring 5 total components, I would prefer to direct mill if I can locate an appropriate board. Otherwise, this is probably the best approach.

Any suggestions on a paintable tooling board that could withstand Northeast winters and pedestrians banging against it with suitcases and briefcases?
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