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 Subject : How to subscribe to all posts/topics in a Forum.. 08/30/2018 01:55:26 PM 
Charles Overy
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I could not find this information anywhere so I thought I would post it.
Members can subscribe to or get notified about ALL posts in a given forum. For example if you want to hear about new contract work without checking the site, as a member you need to sign up for notifications to the Forum Contract Work. If you want to follow all posts in 3d printing materials you should subscribe to this forum.

The setting for these subscriptions are not (at least as far as I could find) in the forums. Here you can only subscribe to a particular thread/topic.

To subscribe to a forum globally:
First make sure you are signed in to your member account or JOIN!
Then navigate to :
  1. Update Member Profile in the right hand, blue, nav near the bottom
  2. Scroll over the tab "my profile"
  3. Go down to Contact preferences
  4. Scroll down to Forum Subscriptions.
Here you can check notify or subscribe to all the different sub forums. There a lot which allows you to filter what you want to hear about.

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