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 Subject : Re:TIPS for using the APMM Forum.. 08/14/2019 06:13:21 PM 
Jill Kenik
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The forum 4 attachment limit problem has been resolved. We are now able to make multiple attachments as long as the TOTAL attachment byte count remains under 10mg.
 Subject : TIPS for using the APMM Forum.. 07/10/2018 07:10:29 PM 
Samanthi Martinez
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Recommended browsers include: Chrome, Safari and Firefox.

There is a 4 picture per post limit, with 10 MB total attachment limit. If you are posting more than 4 photos, make multiple posts. Otherwise, you can attach a document (Ex:PDF) with more than 4 pictures in it, as long as the file size stays under 10 MB.

Categories can be subscribed/unsubscribed using the toggle button found at the top and bottom of each category. If subscribed, you will receive an email alert when there is a new post in the category. If you are not receiving the email alerts, check that [email protected] is allowed in your security settings.

Posts must be at least 1 minute apart.

The “MEMBERS ONLY” section of the forum requires that you be logged in to view and post. All remaining sections are available for viewing by members and non-members alike, however only logged-in members can post.

You are encouraged to complete the member profile including a photo, found at https://apmm.memberclicks.net/update-member-profile. This supports our community building efforts.

Questions, comments and suggestions should be posted to the “MEMBERS ONLY” category, within the “APMM Suggestion Box.” The APMM volunteer board actively monitors this area and will respond to your suggestions as quickly as possible.
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