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 Subject : COMMUNITY POLICIES.. 07/10/2018 07:08:42 PM 
Samanthi Martinez
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The APMM Forums are designed to provide peer-to-peer communication between model makers from around the world. This includes the discussion of new techniques, product vendors, industry happenings, employment listings, APMM announcements and more.

The APMM Forums are not moderated. It is expected that all posts be made in a professional and courteous manner that reflects the professionalism of our organization.

The APMM Executive Director and the APMM Board of Directors reserve the right to delete any posts deemed to be inappropriate. The right to permanently ban members from the forums as a result of inappropriate postings is at the sole discretion of the APMM Board of Directors.

It is the responsibility of the member to correctly categorize their posts. Proper identification of a post will help the forum become more easily searched as it grows. The Executive Director and Board of Directors reserve the right to re-categorize a post to maintain forum organization.

Acknowledgement of Copyright and Credit are the responsibility of the posting member.

The forums not intended to transmit inappropriate topics, links or images. It must not be used for broadcast advertising except where a posted question may elicit a response from a vendor who supplies that item or a reference to a vendor or supplier. APMM Forums may not be used to flame list members or transmit otherwise rude and offensive posts. Anyone who persists in such actions will be removed from the forums at the discretion of the APMM Board and executive director.

Membership with the APMM must be paid and active in order to post messages to the forums. It is a privilege of membership.

Use of the APMM Forums provides your acknowledgement of, and consent to these policies.
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