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 Subject : Reusable Mold.. 07/10/2018 07:58:55 PM 
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There's a company called 2Phase Technologies that make reusable molds, according to this thread from the MILE:

Molding - reusable mold Question..... At a trade show I saw a molding process that was selling a reusable mold. The process involved drawing a vacuum on a sand liquid mixture that was contained in a box with a soft bladder on one side. Once you released the vacuum the material became soft and could be used over a new pattern....
Does this sound familiar to anyone....and does anyone know the name of the company???? Thanks! - Eric Beyer

Hi Eric, I believe you're referring to 2Phase Technologies of Dayton, Nevada. The company offers reconfigurable tooling based on proprietary state-change materials consisting of a mixture of particles and liquid. This solid and liquid combination creates a fluid-like mixture that can be transitioned to a solid state when the liquid is removed. Following the transition to the solid state, the material forms a stable ceramic with the addition of heat. The ceramic can be returned to a fluid state at any time with the reintroduction of the liquid. Hope this helps. - Terry

Eric, Contact 2Phase Technologies (the reconfigurable tooling company) Thanks, - Michael Siemer

What it sounds like is COOL! Kind of on the same vein as the old Mattel Strange Change Machine !!

CAUTION - The website associated with the name 2phasetech has nothing to do with molding or even decency. I think they were hacked.
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