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 Subject : Re:Element Fire Extinquisher.. 07/15/2019 08:11:27 AM 
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Hi Jill, thanks for sharing on the extinguisher. Guess you won't know how effective unless really needed - and hope not!

This is timely as tomorrow we have our fire chief coming to give us a short seminar on use of extinguishers. He is bringing a fire 'prop' that all our people can try using extinguisher to put out the test fire.

a while back we had a fire start up from welding sparks catching oil build up on our forklift. The guys put it out with extinguisher but were not sure how to do it and were surprised how difficult is was.

The hands on training should help all of us.

Bruce Williams
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 Subject : Element Fire Extinquisher.. 07/12/2019 01:06:58 PM 
Jill Kenik
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I found this "new" sort of fire extinguisher while I was looking for a halo unit for possible use in and around the electronics in my shop.

While it's not UL certified, it makes sense for my shop. Should I ever need it, the cleanup is supposed to be minimal, and I do like the extended run time. I recall having to put out a dumpster fire at my old shop and being stunned at how little engagement time a traditional unit provided.

Always like to hear what Jay Leno has to say! He's one of us in his soul.

So I ordered one--hopefully I'll never need it, but if the case comes, I'll report back with the results.
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