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 Subject : Venting for Laser Cutters.. 07/11/2018 03:04:51 PM 
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Here is an answer to a MILE post from a few years ago about exhaust fans, filters and intake/exhaust vent location. Stay fresh, people!
...I found doubling the spec'd exhaust power was a good idea as long as it did not bend materials or cause other problems. It can depend on the laser machine design. Experimentation can be required. The faster you can remove the fumes, the better!!! I have not looked at the filter systems in a long time, but I know they worked, just have to design the exhaust system for it. It is an added expense. If you use the machine heavily, I think the filter is not going to last long. Maybe they have washable filters available.
If your exhaust outlet is too close to another intake element, you have a problem. They should be far, far apart....other side of building.......plus you can have fumes wind blown or sucked back into windows/doors if the system is not built correctly. Putting an outlet high enough or far enough from another intake can solve the problem. It can be engineered, but this usually means a more powerful fan is required to move the air a longer distance. Exhausting a high volume of air can also effect the pressure in the building and cause HVAC problems, have to calculate it into the equation. Then I would call my HVAC engineer. - Dan Carroll
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