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 Subject : Re:Re:Re:Re:Surveying Women in Model Making.. 04/12/2020 01:45:00 AM 
Lisa Gemmiti
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Jill, I would love to have this discussion with you, not just about women in model making, but finding skilled model makers in general. I realize that I am an outlier in the group focusing on presentation models, architecture, engineering test models, props, litigation, not so many prototypes, although I recently took the high-end 3D printing plunge and invested in a machine. I have been trying for many many years now to build a team, but our upwardly mobile transient economy just doesn't seem to support honing skills like this that require paying your dues, staying with the team and becoming good at it. I will remain hopeful and with my 4 decades in model making, we get to build some of the coolest models, so I think the opportunity is really good...then I realize that I cannot compete with big business benefits and the supportive infrastructure that those environments provide. Then I realize that my type of business is not a mere cog in the wheel, but the whole machine. There is enormous gratification and control in what we do in a small model making company. Anyway, thank you for your reply. I'd love to strategize with you, before during or after the conference.
 Subject : Re:Re:Re:Surveying Women in Model Making.. 04/12/2020 01:31:28 AM 
Lisa Gemmiti
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Hi Will, That is so awesome and encouraging, and it does make sense, as one can get a degree in model making in the UK, so more of an equal opportunity situation. Male or female, I so wish that we could hire people outside of the US easier. We have done it, but it is pricey and you just don't know if it is going to work out. am always open to the possibility in any event. Here is a challenge: refer a few qualified architectural model maker candidates that I can bring in on an educational exchange visa (skilled in model design, Rhino, laser cutting, CNC machining, assembly, finishing, spray painting, landscaping and woodworking), and I will eagerly be at the next conference to discuss women in model making or anything else on the agenda.
 Subject : Re:Re:Surveying Women in Model Making.. 01/06/2020 11:58:18 AM 
Will Strange
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If 15% of members can imply that 15% of total modelmakers are women, that really surprises me. Here in the UK I'd guess at about 30-40% female. Certainly here at the university we have a roughly 50/50 split of male/female... Most of the students members who are coming to the Seattle conference are female.

Sure, in years gone by the profession was predominantly male here, but there has been an increasing number of women joining.

Lisa, That's some restraint. I'd expect a slap for a comment like that here in the UK, even in a builders merchants...!
Senior Lecturer BA (Hons) Modelmaking at Arts University Bournemouth.
 Subject : Re:Surveying Women in Model Making.. 01/06/2020 11:45:03 AM 
Jill Kenik
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That's a difficult question to answer. We suspect the numbers remain low, but definitely increasing! Because of the variety of ways in which model makers can be classified, such as within an engineering department, or within a product development department or by other occupational names, the first issue is defining how many model makers exist, which cannot be done.

Within APMM, women represent about 13% to 15% of the total membership. BUT--that figure is growing!

I encourage you to join our Women in Model Making gathering at the conference, and I'm happy to discuss any possibilities of supporting our women. I'm very familiar with your story---I've been up against it for more than 35 years!
 Subject : Surveying Women in Model Making.. 01/05/2020 08:06:59 PM 
Lisa Gemmiti
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I was at Discount Builders Supply today getting a few things for a project and the guy helping me, who is actually an iron worker on a break, was having fun with me and a little curious that I knew certain things, and out of the blue blurted out, "I would totally work with a woman, but I would never work for one." I was happy to feel his general enthusiasm and then a little bummed by his certainty about "never" working "for" a woman. Geez, I thought, does that still matter these days? I love model making. I have not really thought about it for years, but now I am curious, how many women are there in model making today?

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