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 Subject : CAD Professor Looking for Summer Model Making Experience.. 03/26/2020 12:10:18 AM 
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Hi everyone,

I probably met many of you at the APMM Conference 2018 in Grand Rapids! For the sake of expediency, I’ll summarize the following message here: I’m a professor with 3 months off every summer and I think getting model making experience via summer jobs would not only be a great experience for me personally, but would also help me grow professionally! If you are in need of a temporary (and possibly recurring) employee for a model making position/internship, please let me know!

The Longer Version:
I was hoping to meet/reconnect with a lot of you at the conference this month, but as we all know it was postponed, which was a smart choice. Hopefully I’ll still get the chance to meet you later this year!

I graduated with a mechanical engineering degree in 2013 from the University of Arkansas and now I teach in the CAD degree plan at a local community college, teaching for both architecture and manufacturing specialties. I have an interest in model making and have some experience towards that end from being around machine shops for several years and by doing freelance product design and prototyping work, typically for clients in my area wanting to validate a product idea. I do this primarily using SolidWorks and desktop 3D printers, sometimes with finishing afterwards. I’d like to grow my experience and skill set, both for personal gain (because I like doing it) and for professional gain (in freelancing and teaching). Since I teach in a CAD degree program, I think I could also synthesize the various skills that students are already learning by incorporating model making skills into my classes, such as architectural design/models and manufacturing processes like mold-making, 3D printing, and operation of any kind of industrial CNC machine.

Because the economic focus of my area is primarily on retail and logistics (being the headquarters of Walmart) there are not a lot of local engineering/design positions, especially for model makers, for me to better learn skills like this. I think it would be fun and helpful to gain more model making experience, and since I have the summers off a summer job in a model shop would be awesome!

I’m open to different industries and locations and I’d be free from the beginning of May to the beginning of August. If we are a good fit for each other then there could even be a possibility of becoming a recurring temporary employee in future summers! I’ve included my resume to give a glimpse of my work experience, if that’s helpful for evaluating what might be a good fit. Are any of you in need of extra help in your model shop this summer? Or do you know about any short-term positions I could apply for that would be a good fit for my situation? If you can provide any helpful information, please let me know!

Daniel Power

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