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 Subject : Summer Intern at Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab... 03/28/2022 03:29:07 PM 
Samanthi Martinez
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Note: application deadline is March 31.

Job description:

Support fabrication efforts in the Engineered Materials section of the Advanced Fabrication Group, including:

· Hands-on fabrication support for aerospace composites

· Design and finish additive manufactured components

· Assist with material and fabrication research efforts

· Provide adhesive bonding support on different substrates for multiple applications and environments

· Generate molds and produce parts using different polymer systems and manufacturing methods

· Manually trim molded parts for use in higher assemblies


Academic Discipline: Enrollment in technical design, prototyping and/or fabrication college or institute

Required Skills: Familiarity with polymer bonding and molding, composites fabrication, and rapid prototyping

Desired Skills: Familiarity with engineering and manufacturing processes, design, prototype modeling and additive manufacturing.

Candidate should mention working in the Bonding/Molding department so that it gets properly routed.

To Apply:
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