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 Subject : Prototype Specialist at Delve - Madison, WI.. 11/29/2021 05:53:26 PM 
Samanthi Martinez
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Delve is looking for a hands-on Prototype Specialist to assist our teams with bringing concepts to life.

Learn more here: https://www.delve.com/jobs/prototype-specialist

In this role you will utilize your fabrication skills to create models and prototypes of varying levels of fidelity depending on the task at hand. As a collaborative member of the project team, you will influence fabrication technique selection and apply your ingenuity to ensure we are building the right prototype at the right time. No two projects are the same, so your daily tasks will remain diversified, and your exposure to cutting edge product development will inspire you to do great work. Your access to a comprehensive Prototyping Shop will provide you with the tools required to hone your craft and continuously learn.

What we’re looking for:
If the responsibilities below are a good match with your skills and career path, we’d love to talk with you!
  • Configure and operate a variety of machines to fabricate prototype parts, various model types, functional prototypes, temporary tooling, and fixtures for mechanical or electromechanical devices or equipment according to engineering and design databases, sketches, prints, and specifications
  • Study drawings, sketches, and databases of proposed product designs and confers with engineering/design personnel to plan design details, recommend design improvements, material selection, and appropriate model processes or operations
  • Determine which machines, tooling, and sequence of operations necessary to produce model and prototype parts, utilizing knowledge of machining and fabricating techniques
  • Utilize external rapid prototyping processes/services to enhance/optimize internal capabilities and resources
  • Operate machines, such as manual and CNC milling machines, lathes, metalworking and woodworking equipment
  • Inspect, fit, assemble, and de-bug model and prototype parts/assemblies to verify intended appearance and function
  • Suggest structural or operational modifications or rework of component parts as required to help ensure performance improvements
  • Share your perspective of prototype development to the project teams in a collaborative manner

For complete information and to apply: https://www.delve.com/jobs/prototype-specialist
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