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 Subject : Model Makers Needed.. 09/11/2021 05:12:26 PM 
Lisa Gemmiti
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Gemmiti Model Art in San Francisco is looking for model makers with experience in architecture, ideally, and the assembly of professional scale models. A strong candidate would be able to convert 2D and 3D (Rhino) into sets of parts, organized by process (laser cutting, 3D printing, CNC machining, metal etching) as well as, assemble, finish and paint models.

We are looking for model makers who can design and oversee others in the implementation of their design, and also who have the hands-on model-making experience to work with us full time. We are also open to specialists who work as independent contractors.

Here is a list of skills Needed:: Architectural model design, product/engineering model design, Rhino, Autocad, laser cutting, 3D printing, plastics fabrication, woodworking, Rhinocam, CNC machining, spray painting (HVLP), furniture making, LED lighting design and installation, and model landscaping.

We work in a beautiful warehouse in the Mission District in an 8,600 square foot facility. Our model shop is highly organized and fully equipped with a newly remodeled CAD room, laser cutters, 3D printers, CNC machines, a paint room, a massive dust collector, and everything needed for the construction of models and furniture to display models. We spent much of the covid shutdown upgrading our facility in preparation for the influx of work, which is here now.

The models we make are generally very high-end, and regardless of the degree of detail, are always made to the highest of quality standards. We specialize in presentation models for leading architects, real estate developers, bridge engineers, aerospace engineers, attorneys, branding firms, and many more. Architecture makes up about 60% of our work, but we always have a nice variety of different types of models to build.

Send your resume, a few examples of your best model-making work, and a brief introduction indicating your strengths, interests, skills, experience, and availability. The pay is highly competitive.

If you like to design and build models, this is a great opportunity. If you are looking to just fill a gap in your career plans, we are open to you working by contract until your ideal opportunity opens up. Our goal is to add experienced model makers to our team who are qualified and interested in next-level model making.

If you are interested, please contact us today at [email protected] or 415-252-7536, and connect with us on LinkedIn. The images of the projects on gemmiti.com are over 15 years old (I know; it is on the to-do list), but you will still get a sense of the different types of models and the quality of our work.

Thank you.

 IMG_1392.JPG [2489 KB] : Gemmiti Model Art, San Francisco
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