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 Subject : Re:Large pressure vessel/autoclave.. 06/10/2019 07:29:47 AM 
Rob Green
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Good morning. I would be interested in getting Christian's email. Thanks.
 Subject : Large pressure vessel/autoclave.. 06/06/2019 12:26:28 PM 
Ernest Ang
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Hi all,

I received an email from Christian Bourgeois, the project manager from Studio Red Inc. in CA that is looking to sell their large pressure vessel/autoclave. Just thought of sharing it here for anyone that might be interested (I can send you his email if you are interested).

I was reaching out about a large older autoclave that we have for sale that we’ve been using as a pressure vessel. We were told that your network would probably get more value out of this than we are. Let me know if you know of anyone on the market for something like this.


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