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 Subject : Re:Re:Job Management Software - Whatcha Using?.. 02/10/2023 03:52:11 PM 
Robert Petty
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I've been using Smartsheets (ZGF). We track both small projects on a master sheet, with associated task, and then more in-depth projects via independent sheets.
 Subject : Re:Job Management Software - Whatcha Using?.. 02/10/2023 11:45:33 AM 
Nicholas Krupansky
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Location: Grand Rapids, MI
We currently use an access data base and SAP based system... which works, but no one is a fan of and has an insane number of clicks per hour to do anything. We are looking at switching to a custom made Smartsheet's system, should cut out a ton of non-value added time
Steelcase Model Shop Manager
 Subject : Job Management Software - Whatcha Using?.. 02/10/2023 10:59:21 AM 
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Location: Kansas City Metro
I'm curious to know what software your shop is using to keep track of model builds, task assignments, time tracking, and etc.

I'm mostly interested to follow up with other shops using JIRA, as my manager and I have some questions, hoping to determine best practices by comparing with how other shops are handling certain aspects of the software.

That said, I'm also eager to hear what other software you've had success with. If you're not using a dedicated task management software, what other methods are you having success with?

Would love to hear from both corporate shops as well as independent firms on this. Thanks for any input you care to share!
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