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 Subject : Re:Online course in Delegation skills.. 10/21/2021 11:18:16 AM 
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I haven't, but you could check Lynda aka LinkedIn Learning for classes. Sometimes they are available for free through the public library.
 Subject : Online course in Delegation skills.. 10/20/2021 04:50:45 PM 
Charles Overy
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Hello all,

Has anyone ever used any online business/leadership development courses? I am exploring finding some training resources to help our project managers become more comfortable with delegating parts of our their work including planning for delegation, finding the right resources, explaining, managing and follow up.

Ideally the course would be oriented toward or at least have some partial audience of other creative firms. IE, how to delegate as a lawyer probably has similar core elements but the lessons would be harder to extrapolate form.

Right now we are finding that have grown a bit sclerotic and need to be able to leverage our fantastic skills base when we have demand that exceeds our capacity.

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