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 Subject : Re:Drafting height chair recommendation?.. 11/08/2021 01:37:15 PM 
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A little off topic, but has anyone tried a saddle chair for the workbench? My Steelcase Gesture is fantastic for computer work, but my back is aching from the slightly bent forward position I use for fine benchwork.


So far, I've researched out that the seat needs to have an adjustable tip which eliminates all the under $200 ones. Your legs help stabilize the body and straighten the back instead of curving the back to sit at a 90 degree angle.

Would like to hear some opinions---I can't even find one without a purchase commitment to test drive.
 Subject : Re:Drafting height chair recommendation?.. 10/06/2021 12:58:16 PM 
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Hi Jenny,

I would suggest looking at Steelcase offerings. Here's a website that offers refurbs: https://seatingmind.com/steelcase-leap-v2-drafting-work-stool-chair-in-black/

Steelcase is more expensive but worth it. They're known for superior support (can support up to 400 Lbs), strength, and longevity in the shop.


Terry Wellman
St. Charles Model Works
 Subject : Drafting height chair recommendation?.. 10/06/2021 11:00:30 AM 
Jenny Tommos
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Hello modelmakers,
Does anyone have a favorite drafting height chair?
I'm looking for one with a gas spring, casters, upholstered not vinyl, removable arm rests, decent lumbar support.
Table heights in this shop is 34"-35".
There are various ergonomic horrors out there, some that I've sat on, and finding one through a Google search is less than ideal.
All input gratefully received.
Thank you!
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