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 Subject : Re:Horizontal Storage solutions for sheet goods?.. 11/06/2020 05:16:22 PM 
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There were pallet racks at the shop at Whirlpool. They were a little heavy for sheet stock, good for 4" slabs of foam. Once the were set up though it was very hard to change the spacing. Cantilever racks like the use at Lowe's would be a lot easier to change. You would have to put a sheet of 3/4" plywood to support thin stuff.
 Subject : Re:Re:Re:Horizontal Storage solutions for sheet goods?.. 11/06/2020 04:34:19 PM 
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Hi Jake,

Two things come to mind.

1. Can you store them vertically lengthwise? I.E. weld up an 8' long x 4' high x whatever width of your choosing. You could fab some vertical dividers with a top rail for each size. You could probably use 2" x 2" x 1/4" square tube for the project. MIG would probably be the fastest and cheapest way to go. Depending upon how many sizes and sheet quantity that you're looking at, you might want to put six or eight heavy duty steel wheeled casters on it to make it portable within your shop.

It might be possible to add a second tier if you use heavier material on the bottom that juts out a foot or so on each side. Then weld some sticks from the exterior corner to the top of the second tier for added support. If this doesn't make sense, I could probably draw something up in CAD to better explain myself.

2. If you do end up storing the sheets horizontally, check with your Fire Marshall to make sure that he'll accept that. Some municipalities are funny about material storage as they want as much sprinkler access as possible. Since moving my shop to a new location, I had to use grid instead of sheet stock on my 10' x 48' racks. Knowing what's acceptable might save you money in the long run.


Terry Wellman
St. Charles Model Works
 Subject : Re:Re:Horizontal Storage solutions for sheet goods?.. 11/06/2020 02:29:01 PM 
Jake Urman
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Hi Bruce,
Vertical storage has worked OK for us with materials that are .25" and thicker. But with thinner material I have found that storing it vertically doesn't work very well.
In regards to removing sheets from mixed storage, I'm hoping to avoid mixed storage by having enough individual shelves to store different materials on their own shelves, thus avoiding the issue of having to dig through material to find what you need.

 Subject : Re:Horizontal Storage solutions for sheet goods?.. 11/06/2020 10:59:30 AM 
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HI Jake, You know what you want, but I thought it was better to store sheet plastic vertically, or at just a slight angle, resting against a full sheet of plywood or mdf to avoid sagging. You could make the rack yourself and have as many dividers as you want, but getting a sheet out of a mixed compartment would be easier if they were vertical.

For horizontal storage, I'm sure you'd need very sturdy racks with at least on cross brace per shelf and a thick piece of material for each shelf so the shelf itself wouldn't sag. My shop never had really huge amounts of plastic, so I don't have the most experience. Maybe you could visit your local TAP/Multicraft or whatever plastics to see what they do. Good luck!

 Subject : Horizontal Storage solutions for sheet goods?.. 11/06/2020 10:16:30 AM 
Jake Urman
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I am trying to find a good solution to store 4'x8' sheets of (mostly) plastics horizontally, and maximize the amount of shelves that I can within the footprint of the rack. I have 10' of vertical height to work with and would like to get 12 or more shelves to keep different materials separated and easy to access.
We will be looking to store acrylic, polycarb, styrene, and PET-G, at multiple thicknesses and colors/finishes. And to make accessing them easier it would be best to keep them all on their own shelves.
There is a rack made by "vestil" that keeps popping up when I search, but it only has 5 shelves and isn't recommended to be stacked (I assume the weight rating would be exceeded). And at around 4' tall isn't the most efficient use of the floor space.
I have racking systems made for sheet metal storage that I can get about 14 shelves or more in the 10' height I have to work with, but these seem to be a bit overkill for our intended use. (https://www.leanmanufacturingproducts.com/sheet-metal-storage-racks/)
Do any of you out there have any good storage solution suggestions for 4'x8' sheet goods to be stored flat, and maximize the number of shelves that would take up the necessary floor space?

Thanks in advance!
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