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 Subject : Re:Re:Table Saw Switch Wiring Help!!!.. 11/16/2023 10:35:06 AM 
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There is a multipart video series on rebuilding a 1940 Walker Turner Table saw. Part 4 concerns rebuilding the motor and some coverage of the switch. Hope this helps.


I do agree that a paddle switch will add an improved safety mechanism to the machine.

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 Subject : Re:Table Saw Switch Wiring Help!!!.. 11/14/2023 07:52:06 AM 
Alika Brooks
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I have seen this before on other old woodworking equipment. I believe it is some sort of overload or thermal protection that can be adjusted. I recommend leaving the old switch alone and splicing your new switch in before it. So have your power cord from the wall run thorough your new switch first then into your existing wiring. Just leave the old switch on all the time. Relocate it if necessary. Hope that helps.
 Subject : Table Saw Switch Wiring Help!!!.. 11/14/2023 07:35:55 AM 
Nicholas Krupansky
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I am working to rebuild my 1942 Walker Turner Table saw and decided to add a new safety paddle power switch to it. When opening up the original switch I found there is a third “calibration” wire that runs to the motor. The new switch doesn’t’ have a “calibration” wire… so not sure what to do with this wire. HELP!?!?! I have attached a wiring diagram, a picture of the switch and the motor. Can I just ignore it!?!


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