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 Subject : Re:Re:Re:Hello & Pantone colors paint supplier?.. 07/07/2023 09:07:16 AM 
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If anybody has switched over to the "Coloro" https://int.coloro.com/us/our-products system for color management, please tell us if it's working for you. It looks like a big investment if you want all the tools, but not too bad if you just want the smaller swatch book. They offer 3500 colors and, most importantly, lots of choices in the grays. I don't see where they are partnering with a paint or tint supplier though. Thanks.
 Subject : Re:Re:Hello & Pantone colors paint supplier?.. 07/07/2023 08:38:15 AM 
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I was a model maker in the Boston area for a long time. I used Colorworks in Watertown for our paint mixing. Chromabase is what we normally sprayed. They were good at mixing to a pantone. If I brought them a sample of the color, either paint, plastic, or pantone chip, they did a good job of it. Give them a shout, and ask for Kurt. 617 527 0030. Drop my name so they'll know what you need.
Andy MacInnis
 Subject : Re:Hello & Pantone colors paint supplier?.. 07/06/2023 03:58:22 PM 
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Welcome to the forum Gustavo! Hoping someone can provide insight on this question as we've struggled to find a good source for Pantone-matched paints in the past as well.
 Subject : Hello & Pantone colors paint supplier?.. 07/06/2023 03:30:32 PM 
Gustavo Fontana
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hi all,

First post here :-) so I'll start introducing myself. I'm Gustavo Fontana, I run an industrial design studio in the Boston area called Fresco (fresco-design.com). We have our own model and prototypes shop, and we work on engineering prototypes, industrial design models, and some short-run production projects. In some cases as part of our design projects, in some other cases we support corporate design studios, or corporate in-house modelshops with overflow.

When we paint models/parts we use Axalta/Spectramaster system of colors, but sometimes we have clients asking us to match Pantone Coated system colors.

We have been using a paint supplier for these Pantone colors, and they get their paints from QHF (https://www.qhfonline.com/) and their matching is... not up to our standards, so it requires extra work for us to improve the match.

If anyone knows a good supplier as an alternative for Pantone color paint and can share it with me here, or to my email (gustavo at fresco dash design dot come), I'd really appreciate it.


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